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About Environmentalism

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About Environmentalism PowerPoint Presentation

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About This Presentation

Slide 1 - Chapter 9: Environmentalism Is human-made climate change an inconvenient truth? © 2014 Cynthia Weber
Slide 2 - Learning aims: © 2014 Cynthia Weber
Slide 3 - Last week: Modernization and development theory © 2014 Cynthia Weber
Slide 4 - Environmentalism Flashcard: © 2014 Cynthia Weber
Slide 5 - Gore’s idealist assumptions (table 9.1) © 2014 Cynthia Weber
Slide 6 - The core premise of environmental/green theory (box 9.1) © 2014 Cynthia Weber
Slide 7 - What An Inconvenient Truth says and does not say What An Inconvenient Truth says and how it says it (box 9.2) What An Inconvenient Truth does not say and how it does not say it (box 9.3) © 2014 Cynthia Weber
Slide 8 - Gore’s Global Marshall Plan (1992: 305-7) © 2014 Cynthia Weber
Slide 9 - Theory activity: Ontology and Inconvenience © 2014 Cynthia Weber
Slide 10 - How does the film WALL-E make sense of the world? (box 9.4) By suggesting that the inconvenient truth of human-made climate change created an environmental catastrophe so severe that the earth could no longer support life; and By claiming that what has been lost with the earth’s ability to sustain human life is the ability for humans to sustain meaningful relationships, either with the earth or with one another © 2014 Cynthia Weber
Slide 11 - What is typical and deviant in the world of WALL-E? (boxes 9.5 and 9.6) © 2014 Cynthia Weber
Slide 12 - What must go without saying in order for Gore’s myth to appear to be true? (box 9.7) That human-made climate change is not necessarily inconvenient for (particularly US-based) global corporations because Gore’s solutions to the problem of global warming do not require corporations to sacrifice economic growth to some presumed “environmental sustainability” © 2014 Cynthia Weber
Slide 13 - Film activity: Animated Politics © 2014 Cynthia Weber
Slide 14 - Next week: Anarchism © 2014 Cynthia Weber