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PowerPoint presentation on About Aristocracy, download now ppt of About Aristocracy

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About Aristocracy

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About Aristocracy PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 1 - Bedouins part of a predominantly desert-dwelling Arabian ethnic group traditionally divided into nomadic tribes, or clans
Slide 2 - Caliph Arabic successors who succeeded Muhammad in the role of leader of the faithful after the prophet's death
Slide 3 - Five Pillars five basic acts in Islam, considered mandatory by believers: faith, prayer, charity, fasting, pilgrimage
Slide 4 - Footbinding the custom of binding the feet of young girls painfully tight to prevent further growth
Slide 5 - Hajj the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia the fifth pillar of Islam
Slide 6 - Khantate the territory ruled by a khan (a Mongol ruler)
Slide 7 - Moveable Type Printing Characters were assembled to print a page and then broken up and redistributed as needed. When the printing was finished, the pieces could be put away for future use.
Slide 8 - Muslim a believer in or a follower of Islam
Slide 9 - Pax Mongolica a Latin phrase meaning "Mongol Peace"used to describe eased communication and commerce, and the period of relative peace that followed the Mongols' vast conquest
Slide 10 - Porcelain hard, white, translucent ceramic made by firing a pure clay and then glazing it with variously colored fusible materials also known as china.
Slide 11 - Shari’a the moral code and religious law of Islam
Slide 12 - Shi’a the second largest branch of Islam believe the caliph should be a descendant of Muhammad
Slide 13 - Sufism the beliefs and practices of an ascetic, retiring, and mystical sect in Islam
Slide 14 - Sunni the largest branch of Islam believe the caliph should be elected from the people
Slide 15 - Swahili derived from Arabic through twelve centuries of contact with Arabic-speaking inhabitants of the coast of southeastern Africa
Slide 16 - Trans-Saharan Trade network of interlinking trade routes that connected North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. also known as the Gold-Salt Trade