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A Communication skills PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 1 - COMMUNICATION SKILLS Dr. Tran, Van Hoai Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering HCMC Uni. of Technology hoai@cse.hcmut.edu.vn
Slide 2 - What is COMMUNICATION ?‏ communicate (English) = Latin: communicare = make common + share Merriam-Webster: to transmit information, thought, or feeling so that it is satisfactorily received or understood Powerful skill for students, engineers, business man
Slide 3 - Oral Presentation Audience Awareness Critical Listening Body Language Written Academic Writing Revision and Editing Critical Reading Presentation of Data Non-Verbal Audience Awareness Personal Presentation Body Language
Slide 4 - Mind map
Slide 5 - Why communication skills needed? If no communication skills Damaging professional growth Limiting movement to top management positions
Slide 6 - Listening: heart of communication About 80% of each day listening About 40% of professional salary earned by listening Increasing as you climb the professional ladder Issues Reflective listening Physical listening
Slide 7 - Reflective listening Focusing on listen for prevailing emotion put yourself in the speaker shoes How to do indicate your interest Don't interrupt speaker Involve your whole body (e.g., good eye contact) Make speaker pay attention (e.g., "Hmmm", "Really", "That's interesting")
Slide 8 - Physical listening Giving physical attention to speaker eyes shoulder arms legs and …
Slide 9 - How to say vs. What to say How is often more important than What Non-verbal components: Eye contact Body posture (tư thế) Distance contact Facial expressions Gestures (điệu bộ) Vocal tone Fluency Timing Clothing
Slide 10 - Public speaking (1) Purposes To entertain To inform To inspire To convince To persuade
Slide 11 - Public speaking (2) 3 parts Introduction: to attract the listener Body: organized logically in order to be rememberd by listener Speeches should not contain more than 4 major points Conclusion: to review main points and challenges
Slide 12 - Principles of poor writing Ignore the reader Be verbose (dài dòng), vague (mơ hồ), pompous (khoa trương) Do not revise (xem lại)
Slide 13 - Writing The more you know, the easier and more effective your writing Can you explain in your own words to someone knowing less than you do ? If not, research more
Slide 14 - Systematic approach for writing Research the topic Plan Do I know my subject? Do I know my reader? Is this writing necessary? Draft Eliminate useless words/sentences Polish Proofread
Slide 15 - Assertive yourself Human behavour Passive Aggressive Assertive Assertiveness = foundation of effective communication Basic formula of assertive statements = "When you (feeling nonjudgmentally), I feel (disclose feelings) because (clarify effect). I prefer (discrete desire)"
Slide 16 - More tips Learn from mistakes Reflect personal style Paragraph power topic sentence transition sentence Sentence savvy (khôn khéo) Sentence is 15-22 words long Breaking long sentences to shorter ones …