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PowerPoint presentation on A Alexander the Great, download now ppt of A Alexander the Great

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A Alexander the Great

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A Alexander the Great PowerPoint Presentation

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About This Presentation

Slide 1 - Alexander the Great
Slide 2 - Terms—Alexander the Great Macedonia/Macedon Philip II (r. 359 – 336 BC) Olympias Cult of Dionysus Alexander III (r. 336 – 323 BC) Darius III of Persia Satraps Hellenization Alexandria The War of the Successors Ptolemaic (Ptolemy) Seleucid (Seleucus) Antigonid (Antigonus)
Slide 3 - Macedon
Slide 4 - Philip II
Slide 5 - Philip II Conquered Greece. How? Strengthened military Built up treasury United Macedon
Slide 6 - Olympias
Slide 7 - Cult of Dionysus
Slide 8 - Cult of Dionysus
Slide 9 - Alexander
Slide 10 - Alexander and Aristotle
Slide 11 - Macedonian Phalanx 18 foot long sarissa, a wooden pike with metal tip—hid maneuvers in the back
Slide 12 - Macedonian Phalanx
Slide 13 - Alexander Frees the Greeks
Slide 14 - Darius III
Slide 15 - Battle of Issus (333 BC)
Slide 16 - Alexandria, Egypt
Slide 17 - Library at Alexandria
Slide 18 - Reproduction of Library Entry Hall
Slide 19 - Temple Oracle at Ammon
Slide 20 - Alexander Enters Babylon After Battle of Gaugamela (331 BC)
Slide 21 - Alexander’s Empire (331 BC)
Slide 22 - Alexander’s Empire (331 BC)
Slide 23 - Hellenization Spreading of Greek culture Combining eastern and western cultures
Slide 24 - The War of the Successors Result: Alexander’s empire divided among his generals
Slide 25 - Ptolemaic Kingdom Ptolemy—right hand man Egypt & Libya
Slide 26 - Seleucid Kingdom Seleucus – general Babylon & eastern portions of empire
Slide 27 - Antigonid Kingdom Antigonus—general Macedonia
Slide 28 - Hellenistic “To Become Greek” Alexander’s most lasting achievement—spreading of Greek culture