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The following slides tell about 6 bad habits you should avoid in apparel photography

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6 Bad Habits to Avoid in Apparel Photography PowerPoint Presentation

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6 Bad Habits to Avoid in Apparel Photography Presentation Transcript

Slide 1 - 6 Bad Habits You Should Avoid In Apparel Photography
Slide 2 - Introduction The eCommerce industry is filled with many trends. They change from season to season. But certain things remain unchanged and it is especially true for apparel photography. These are the basic things that are foundational and vital for your online business. Today, we will discuss 6 mistakes that many product photographers make. We will also discuss how hiring a clipping path service provider can help you avoid those!
Slide 3 - Habits To Avoid
Slide 4 - 1. When the Garment is Not Prepared Your products need to look stunning so that they appeal to the customers. For clothing and apparel, this is crucial because primarily it is how they look that decides if they will sell. A customer will only be concerned about fit and other issues when they are ready to purchase. Creases and wrinkles can make even new clothes look old and worn out. Also, transport and storage may cause these problems. Sometimes, you receive the samples in tattered conditions or even unfinished ones. To fix this professionally, you need professional photographers. Preparing a garment properly ensures that these blemishes are removed and your viewers get images that are flawless. However, many skip this step. Instead, they rely on Photoshop to fix stains and other problems. However, using Photoshop is not that easy. Mastering it requires time and dedication. So, the first thing you need is to capture a perfect image. Next, you can hire a professional clipping path services provider for finishing touches to your product image.
Slide 5 - 2. Not Using a Live Model or a Mannequin It is not an excellent idea to photograph apparel by laying it flat on surfaces or by using hangers. Your customers will not get any idea about the shape or fit of the dress. This problem is solved by using live models or mannequins. This way the buyers can imagine themselves wearing the cloth and make ideas about the fit, the shape and how it goes with their figure. Communicating these things is a no-brainer in the fashion industry. This also enhances the overall shopping experience and helps you earn brownie points. So overlooking the significance of a model or a mannequin can harm your business. If you think that a live model is too expensive or does not give consistent results, mannequins are the best option. A clipping path service company can then create a ghost mannequin effect for your product which is advantageous for your business. You just need some little styling and the rest will be taken care of.
Slide 6 - 3. Not Using Enough Images When it comes to product imagery, you should avoid the “less is more” philosophy. You must provide several images so that customers can properly visualize them. It will also help them determine the quality and cost-effectiveness of your product and how it’s better than others. Nowadays, eCommerce websites allow you to provide 9-12 images. Thus, you can upload your product from various angles and in various lighting sets. You can also provide close-ups to highlight the details such as thread work and zippers. Apart from a quality shopping experience, your customers can get products that will satisfy them. Thus, you will have minimum returns and a more loyal fan base.
Slide 7 - 4. Not Using Ample Light during Photoshoot You need a proper light set up so that the correct color and other details are visible to the naked eyes. Dingy and underexposed product images can kill your reputation. Your lighting should vary according to your clothes. This is done so that different and unique facets of your apparel are highlighted. Also, ample lighting helps to create higher quality images that contain less noise and grain. Natural and/or artificial lighting can help you. But in the event that your primary setup failed, editing can save the day. Tying with companies that provide clipping path services is important for this reason.
Slide 8 - 5. Using Incorrect Camera Settings Even if you are using a DSLR camera, incorrect settings can ruin your pictures, Thus, understanding some basic features such as aperture, white balance, and ISO is mandatory for apparel photography.
Slide 9 - 6. Not Properly Editing Product Images The final value of your product will depend on how they appear. And proper editing is crucial to make them visually appealing. You must ensure that your product image is properly cropped and aligned. The color and background should also be perfect. The images of a single product should be consistent. Using a clipping path service provider, you can automate a standard post-production process. This will help both the shooting and editing processes. You will also have more time for activities that generate profit.
Slide 10 - Benefits of Using a Clipping Path Service Provider There are countless perks of using professional help. Specialized in photo editing, they take care of the repetitive tasks that otherwise cause bottlenecks. The creative juices are also disrupted. Getting a third party means delegating post-production hassles. This saves management time and resources. You can exhibit professional and neat images of your company's products. So, your brand visibility soars and so do your sales. A skilled professional can tackle with both quality and quantity. They also have a tab on the pulse of the industry and know all the latest trends.
Slide 11 - Conclusion If you are having trouble with product imagery, then you have come to the right place. Here at Clipping Paths, we offer color correction, ghost mannequins and a host of other editing services. With a short turnaround time, dedicated customer care service and low prices, you will be hard-pressed to find a better clipping path service provider for your online business. If you want more details or need suggestions, call us or drop a mail. We will get back at the earliest!
Slide 12 - About Us Welcome to Clipping Paths! Here, we have tried to offer a quick summary of Clipping Paths. We believe that it is important for our customers to know us a service provider company and evaluate our competency, cost structure, delivery system and more. We offer you premier photo editing service at reasonable price that is bound to satisfy you. Some of our leading services are Clipping Path, Color Correction, Background Removal and Image Masking.
Slide 13 - Contact Us Phone Number +1-(408)-707-3998 Email Address support@clippingpaths.com Office Address 315 Montgomery Street, 9th Floor, San Francisco 94104 United States