Regression PowerPoint Presentation Slides

reading and comprehension poor readin PowerPoint Presentation

This presentation discusses some of the poor reading habits that students exhibit.

standardization does using standardizat PowerPoint Presentation

This study answers the following three questions: 1) Does it make a difference whether you standardize your variables before running your model or standardize the regression coefficients after you run your model? 2) Does the scale of the respective original non-standardized variables affect the resulting standard...

the relationship between interest rates PowerPoint Presentation

This is a study of the relationship between the Stock Market and Interest Rates. We review how the Stock Market has reacted when interest rates rise. We also factor the influence of other macroeconomics variables.

how overvalued is the stock market PowerPoint Presentation

This analysis goes beyond PE measures to evaluate how overvalued is the Stock Market. Relative to bonds, it is actually cheap. Relative to inflation measures, it is quite overvalued.

can treasury inflation protected securi PowerPoint Presentation

We look at the spread between regular Treasuries and Treasury Inflation Protected securities to see if such observations make for effective actual inflation predictions.

can you deep learn the stock market PowerPoint Presentation

We will test whether : a) Sequential Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) can predict the stock market better than OLS regression; b) DNNs using smooth Rectified Linear activation functions perform better than the ones using Sigmoid (Logit) activation functions.

are we in a recession PowerPoint Presentation

This presentation includes two explanatory models to attempt to predict recessions. The first one is a logistic regression. The second one is a deep neural network (DNN). Both use the same set of independent variables: the velocity of money, inflation, the yield curve, and the stock market. As usual, the DNN fits ...