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This powerpoin presentation we are discuss about How To Reduce Overtime, after view this ppt presentation of How To Reduce Overtime you will get usefull information. This ppt presentation also use for other topics Reduce Overtime,why overtime,doing overtime,overtime tips,tips for reduce overtime,job overtime tips also.

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How To Reduce Overtime PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 1 - Overtime WorkStrategies to Get Out
Slide 2 - In the United States, such arrangements are currently legal in the public sector but not in the private sector. Canada, employers might be required to pay the overtime at the higher rate. In Australia, such arrangements both in the private and public sector are common.
Slide 3 - The Real Business World
Slide 4 - Some one says “Once you begin expanding your work hours on a regular basis, your extended hours become the new normal.”
Slide 5 - Every company or organization is trying to provide the fastest service possible. Then, management starts asking their employees to work.
Slide 6 - For Startup of New Projects – Deadline of Project It is quite common to work longer hours for a new projects in the beginning but, after some days we realize it should normalize to normal office hour. Deadline of a project is quite a common excuse for working late.
Slide 7 - Working Overtime Reasons – “Impress their boss.” Employees want to impress their boss or team leader by showing their hardworking attitudes. So that get better promotion in future.
Slide 8 - Company Crisis or Improve skills You will work late when handling company crisis but it’s only occasionally or you need to improve your working skills.
Slide 9 - Working Overtime – Family Problems or more money Spouses are concern and feel frustrated with working late workers. This may lead to family break up and divorce. Earn more money by working overtime
Slide 10 - Workaholic A workaholic is a person who is addicted to work. However, workaholic is not so good, as he is so worried with the work till late hours until neglecting his personal/family life.
Slide 11 - Overtime outcomes – Productivity Drop Employees’ productivity level drops when they are tired overworked. Makes more mistakes when brain is tired as we cannot concentrate.
Slide 12 - Overtime may be a requirement for some jobs. Ask about it in the interview before joining in company. Some places will walk all over you and suck up your life. Be ready to fight for your life, if you want it. Working Overtime Tips & Warnings
Slide 13 - Ways to Get Out of Working OvertimeConclusion We cannot deny that work is important in our life as we need to earn money for life. However, work is not the only important thing in our life as we have other aspects that we need to develop, eg: personal, family and social. And we need to learn how to balance such elements to achieve a nice and high life quality.
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