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Usage of Medium Density Racks PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 1 - Usage of medium-density racks By Netrack India
Slide 2 - In the world of network and global connectivity, racks play an important role. It enables the storage and monitoring of servers and networking equipment in a secured environment. Hence it is pertinent to enhance the efficiency of such racks to secure one’s business and enable its growth. IT racks in a data center IT rack plays a critical role in making data centers efficient. They come in different models and qualities to cater to the needs of the business. Thus, they hold more value than being mere shelves or enclosures. Hence, choosing the right server rack for the data center improves the operation and overall capacity and capability of the data center.
Slide 3 - Designed to improve user experience The medium density closed rack is a robust and sturdy server and network rack solution built of steel sheets. The steel sheets are punched, welded, and carved to create strong frames with four pillars of seven folded profiles. These steel frames are welded on the top and bottom with the ribbed frame to support a desirable depth. The top and bottom covers of the medium-density racks display cable entry-exit cut-outs. The vented top cover has provision for mounting fans to ensure cooling for the equipment and cabeling. They are designed with four caster wheels where two of the wheels have brakes, and the other two don’t. The overall feasibility and reliability of the product are completed with the operational levers or plinths. The medium-density racks are powder-coated to eliminate the possibility of rust. The front and backdoor of the medium-density racks have a locking option with a perforated steel door. The front door can also be made of tough glass based on the requirement. It comes with plain and dual side panels and racks with a depth configuration of 650, 800, 1000, or 1200.
Slide 4 - The ones with 600, 800, and 1000 configurations are used for IT, ITSI, lab application, server application, and office networking application. However, a data center uses high-density racks with a load-carrying capacity of 1250 kgs. These firm racks ensure that networking, AV, telecom, and lab applications – wherever they are used, display the highest quality as per the ISO 9001-2008 Manufacturing and Quality management certificate and conform to DIN 41494 or an equivalent standard. Features of the medium-density racks The following features complement the usage of the medium-density racks and make this product robust and the best fit for IT, ITSI, lab application, server application, and office networking application.
Slide 5 - Ensuring standards are adhered to, confirming the security and reliability of the product. The mounting depth can be adjusted as per the space and requirement, maximizing the usability of the mounting space. The load can be distributed along with thespace in the medium-density racks. Combining innovation and technology, the medium-density rack is manufactured, ensuring quality. Assured compatibility with all types of equipment and wiring to fit within the frame. Powdered coated to ensure smooth finishing of the frame.
Slide 6 - Accessories The following are the accessories compatible with the medium-density racks that can enhance the efficiency of the IT, ITSI, lab application, server application, and office networking application. Fixed Shelf Angle Pair Ganging Kit Cantilever Shelf Sliding Shelf Keyboard Shelf Power Distribution Units (PDU)
Slide 7 - Cable Organisers Fans and Fan Modules Rack Ground or Stabilizing Kit Plinth Casters Levellers Cable Basket Make your investment count! NRS series is a robust, durable, and organized medium-density closed rack solution for a modern IT environment. Hence, make the right choice with this affordable option with a guaranteed low maintenance cost. It can ensure the security of the critical equipment while improving the cable management of your organization. The following features offer more clarity.
Slide 8 - 19” verticals with 10 mm squarer hole slots and a pattern of universal 12.7 mm-15.875 mm- 15.875 mm alternating hole – perfect for enhanced mounting flexibility. Seven tank pre-treatment processes were applied on all the medium-density racks conforming to ASTM standards. It comes with grounding and bonding options. The top cover comes with a provision to mount the fan module Glass front door with locked feature ensures easy access for the user Weighs 750Kg with casters, and 1250 Kg with Levellers or Plinth
Slide 9 - Variants you can choose from! 6RU~52RU Variants with 650, 800, 1000, and 1200 depth configurations and 600 width configurations. 6RU~42RU Variants with 800, 1000, and 1200 depth configurations and 800 width configurations. Several model matrices with their dimensions are available. 3 available colors – grey, off-white, and black. Thank You!