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6 Signs its Time to Leave Your Job PowerPoint Presentation

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6 Signs its Time to Leave Your Job Presentation Transcript

Slide 1 - 6 Signs It’s Time to Leave Your Job
Slide 2 - When contemplating whether to be part of the Great Resignation or embark on a career transition, here are some indicators you can use to assess if it's the right moment to genuinely move away from a job that once held significance for you:
Slide 3 - #1 - IT’S NO LONGER ENCOURAGING YOUR GROWTH. When you realize that a particular activity is no longer helping you grow, it's essential to consider reinventing yourself or making some other significant change. Quitting a job is a major decision, so I always suggest exploring ways to reshape your current work or introducing changes within your current professional setting before deciding to leave.
Slide 4 - #2 - YOU’VE ACHIEVED WHAT YOU SET OUT TO ACHIEVE. At times, you might not experience much personal or professional growth in your current job because you've already achieved all there is to achieve in that role. There are moments when we successfully accomplish our goals and feel ready to take on new challenges.
Slide 5 - #3 - You actively look for ways to avoid your job. Sometimes, you've got to push through challenges to develop positive habits (like everyone should exercise, even though starting can be tough). But there are other times when it's necessary to take a break, whether it's temporary or permanent. Our work should be something we approach with curiosity and excitement, not as something to avoid.
Slide 6 - #4 - You regularly approach work with exhaustion, burnout, or dread. If you find yourself consistently dreading going to work, it's crucial to think about making a change or moving on. Life is short and valuable, and your work should add value to it.
Slide 7 - #5 - It’s causing you to develop bad habits. When something you rely on for purpose starts dragging you away from it and compromises your values, it's crucial to let it go. Never allow a professional environment to change you for the worse, especially when it comes to matters of character.
Slide 8 - #6 - Your workplace has become unhealthy. There are workplaces that are consistently damaging to your physical or emotional well-being. If you find yourself in that unfortunate situation, it's definitely time to move on.
Slide 9 - Your life is in your hands, something more and more people seem to be realizing. And the Great Resignation may be just the opportunity you need for a great reinvention.