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More then 5000 people infected with SARS coronavirus in china, find this SARS virus powerpoint (ppt) presentation for more detail about coronavirus.

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sars | severe acute respiratory syndrome | coronavirus | sars in china | about coronavirus

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SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : More then 5000 people infected with SARS coronavirus in china, find this SARS virus powerpoint (ppt)... Read More

Tags : sars | severe acute respiratory syndrome | coronavirus | sars in china | about coronavirus

Published on : Jan 31, 2020
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SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)
Presentation Transcript

Slide 1 - SARS severe acute respiratory syndrome
Slide 2 - OSHA Guidance for Employers on Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Potentially deadly respiratory disease Coronavirus is the leading suspected causative agent Most U.S. cases contracted by those who have traveled to Asia, more recently also Toronto Spread primarily by close person-to-person contact In the U.S., healthcare workers face greatest risk of workplace transmission
Slide 3 - SARS: Possible Symptoms Fever Chills Muscle aches Dry cough Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
Slide 4 - Suspect Cases of SARS Onset within 10 days foreign travel or close contact with someone with SARS Fever of at least 100.4 degrees F Respiratory illness - cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing
Slide 5 - SARS: Potential High Risk Population Age 40 or older; especially those over 65 Have other medical conditions (heart/liver disease) Hospital worker or family member of victim
Slide 6 - SARS: Transmission Spread through airborne droplets released when infected person coughs or sneezes Or through contact with body fluids Not likely to be transmitted in offices or on public transportation
Slide 7 - SARS: Treatment Treatment options may be influenced by severity of the illness The majority of those affected by SARS get better in a week Some may get worse, may need mechanical ventilators to breathe Death rate appears to be higher for patients over 60
Slide 8 - SARS: Precautions for Workplaces Centers for Disease Control documents provide most up-to-date information at See also the World Health Organization SARS webpage at
Slide 9 - SARS: OSHA Recommendations See OSHA suggested practices at Or click on “S” in the OSHA homepage index
Slide 10 - Precautions for Healthcare Facilities Universal or standard precautions, including frequent handwashing PPE: gowns, gloves, N95 respirators, eye protection Airborne precautions, including isolation rooms with negative pressure for suspected SARS cases Low or Intermediate level disinfectants
Slide 11 - Precautions for Laboratories PPE: disposable gloves, gowns, eye protection and respiratory protection - N95, N100, or PAPR with HEPA filters Manipulation/testing of specimens - certified biological safety cabinet Low or intermediate level disinfectants
Slide 12 - Precautions for Airline Flight Crews/Airport Personnel All workers should use good hygiene practices, including frequent hand washing Respiratory protection has not been recommended by CDC for airline crews Airline cleaning crews, INS, TSA workers should wear gloves where appropriate
Slide 13 - Precautions for Airplane Cleaning Crews Wear disposable gloves Do not use compressed air for cleaning Discard gloves after cleaning Use soap and water to wash hands after cleaning If soap and water are not available, use alcohol-based hand wash Wipe down frequently touched surfaces in the passenger cabin with low or intermediate level disinfectant
Slide 14 - Precautions for Air Medical Transport of SARS Patients Use respiratory protection (N95) Wear appropriate gloves Wear protective clothing if there is potential for exposure to blood or body fluids Follow standard hygiene practices, including frequent handwashing
Slide 15 - Precautions for Handling Human Remains of SARS Patients Use N95 or higher respirators Wear surgical scrub suit, surgical cap, gown or apron, eye protection, shoe covers, double gloves Use good hygiene practices, frequent handwashing Refer to CDC website for more detailed precautions
Slide 16 - Employee Training All employees with potential exposure should receive training Training should cover hazards and protocols at worksite to reduce exposures and isolate and report SARS cases Workers who experience SARS symptoms should be excluded from duty and referred to a healthcare provider
Slide 17 - CDC Suggestions for Family Members Caring for SARS Patients at Home Detailed guidance for family members of SARS patients available from CDC: factsheetcc.htm
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