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Here we discuss minor business problems in marketing along with solutions.

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7 Marketing Challenges For Small Businesses PowerPoint Presentation

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7 Marketing Challenges For Small Businesses Presentation Transcript

Slide 1 - 7 Marketing Challenges For Small Businesses
Slide 2 - Introduction It’s well-known that small businesses face a host of challenges. They probably have to deal with problems that big startups do not even take into consideration. According to a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 20% of all American small businesses do not make it longer than the first year. If you’re still here for more than a year then you clearly have it in you. But still, some primers might come in handy.
Slide 3 - Small Business Problems It is probably not surprising that lack of resources is one of the primary hurdles for most small businesses. All businesses tend to focus on operations over marketing due to an urgent need for the business to run! It's a terrible catch-22 because, in order to get sales, you have to advertise but to market, you need fewer sales to allow more bandwidth.
Slide 4 - Here is how you can break this cycle to make it work in your favour.
Slide 5 - Budget Constraints This is a problem for small businesses. Yet many people are unaware of the vital compulsory marketing budget. The most common blunder owners make is not allocating some budgets strictly for marketing.
Slide 6 - A Small Team for Marketing Having a small team for marketing is another reason why small businesses cannot keep up with the market pace and is shown exit doors quickly.
Slide 7 - DIY is not always helpful Being a in a small business, everyone thinks they need to the jack of all trades. In such assumptions, they end up creating worst case scenarios for themselves.We should understand that DIY is not always helpful.
Slide 8 - Lack of Consistency Trust and proper reputation can be created with consistent branding and customer interaction. Clients who see inconsistent posts, emails, and other marketing tactics may have a hard time trusting or revisiting your brand
Slide 9 - Content Game Must Be Strong Articles, blog posts, photography, videos, or webinars are all examples of content. If you do not produce content, however, overcoming this hurdle can be the most challenging for small businesses.
Slide 10 - Find Out the Right Talent Owners and staff at smaller businesses wear lots of hats. It's not out of the ordinary to find the back office manager also running the Facebook page or the customer service representative also running Instagram. While that might be a temporary fix, it won't help the business grow. To launch a business, you'll need to hire marketing talent.
Slide 11 - Efforts Tied to Results Businesses get stymied when they fail to link marketing actions directly to sales outcomes. Hiring a marketer or freelancer to track and optimize the performance of campaigns is one good way to see the return on your investment in marketing efforts
Slide 12 - Final Thoughts Guaranteed that small businesses face problems but all businesses started small at some point. Marketing automation is a key tool that is serving small businesses and freeing up time by removing manual tasks.
Slide 13 - About Us Helium CRM is a company which offers various marketing tools for every business sizes. Our products are Email Campaign Tools, SMS Marketing Tools, Lead generation software etc. We provide end to end solution to all marketing needs of businesses.
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