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A system of political ideas, developed for the purposes of political action. Download political ideology ppt presentation.

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What is Political Ideology PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 1 - What is political ideology? Done by: Albitova Diana
Slide 2 - History of term The term "ideology" was born during the Great Terror of French Revolution, and acquired several other meanings thereafter. The word, and the system of ideas associated with it, was coined by Antoine Destutt de Tracy in 1796, while he was in prison pending trial during the Terror. The word was created by assembling the words idea, from Greek ἰδέα (near to the Lockean sense) and -logy, from -λογία.
Slide 3 - definitions A set of personal beliefs outlining what one has determined to be the optimal mode of social organization. A set of related beliefs about political theory and policy held by an individual, group of individuals or a particular social class. A more or less coherent set of ideas that provides a basis for organized political action, whether this is intended to preserve, modify or overthrow the existing system of power relations.
Slide 4 - Main dimensions of political ideology Goals: how society should be organized. Methods: the most appropriate way to achieve this goal. People form their world view according to the political ideology.
Slide 5 - Main ideologies Liberalism Conservatism Marxism Socialism Communism Centrism Anarchism
Slide 6 - Liberalism Liberals espouse a wide array of views depending on their understanding of these principles, but generally they support ideas and programmes such as freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, free markets, civil rights, democratic societies, secular governments, gender equality and international cooperation.
Slide 7 - Conservatism By some definitions, conservatives have variously sought to preserve institutions including religion, monarchy, parliamentary government, property rights and the social hierarchy, emphasizing stability and continuity, while the more extreme elements called reactionaries oppose modernism and seek a return to "the way things were
Slide 8 - realism Although a highly diverse body of thought, it can be thought of as unified by the belief that world politics ultimately is always and necessarily a field of conflict among actors pursuing power. Crudely, realists are of three kinds in what they take the source of ineliminable conflict to be. Classical realists believe that it follows from human nature, neorealists focus upon the structure of the anarchic state system, and neoclassical realists believe that it is a result of a combination of the two and certain domestic variables.
Slide 9 - centrism In politics, centrism or the centre is a political outlook or specific position that involves acceptance or support of a balance of a degree of social equality and a degree of social hierarchy, while opposing political changes which would result in a significant shift of society either strongly to the left or the right.
Slide 10 - Attitude towards political ideology
Slide 11 - Thank you for your attention!