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Ppt Presentation on Plants which is created by Keja Beeson and available for free download Plants powerpoint presentation.

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Plants PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 1 - Plants
Slide 2 - Evolutionary Past Cyanobacteria Blue- green algae Photosynthetic Responsible for the marked increase in Oxygen 2000 million years ago
Slide 3 - Cyanobacteria Evidence DNA shows the first green plants evolved from prokaryotes between 2500 and 1000 million years ago. Same chlorophyll in algae and land plants.
Slide 4 - Endosymbiosis a symbiotic relationship between two organisms in which one of the two organisms (the endosymbiont) lives inside the body of the other one (the host).
Slide 5 - Classification of Plants Kingdom - Plantae Division (-phyta) Class (-opsida) Subclass (-idae) Order (-ales) Family (-aceae) Genus Species (Genus + specific epithet)
Slide 6 - Magnolia grandiflora Plantae--includes all plants Magnoliophyta--flowering plants Magnoliopsida--dicots Magnoliidae--subclass for Magnolia-like plants Magnoliales--order for Magnolia-like plants Magnoliaceae--family for Magnolia-like plants Magnolia--genus that includes all Magnolias grandiflora--specific epithet
Slide 7 - Circumscription of Features A new condition is added at each step to set up a category that is MOST specific. Example: Things with wheels = buses, cars, bicycles, skates, airplanes, trains, etc. And is ground transport = buses, cars, bicycles, trains And can carry more than one person = buses, cars, trains And runs on rails = trains http://www.csdl.tamu.edu/FLORA/tfplab/lab1a.htm#taxonomy
Slide 8 - Four major lineages Nonvascular – lack xylem & phloem & seeds Seedless vascular – have xylem & phloem, lack seeds Gymnosperms - have seeds, but not enclosed Angiosperms - enclosed seeds
Slide 9 - Seedless Vascular Examples Monocot Dicot Nonvascular Gymnosperm Angiosperm
Slide 10 - Nonvascular lifecycle
Slide 11 - Seedless vascular lifecycle
Slide 12 - Gymnosperm lifecycle
Slide 13 - Angiosperm lifecycle
Slide 14 - Classes of Angiosperms Monocotyledonae (Monocots) Very few are annuals Lilies, grasses, cattails, palms, yuccas, orchids, irises Dicotyledonae (Dicots) More primative, 1/6 are annuals Almost all kinds of trees and shrubs Snapdragons, mints, peas, sunflowers
Slide 15 - Monocot characteristics
Slide 16 - Dicot characteristics
Slide 17 - Parts of the flower PISTIL Stigma Style Ovary STAMEN Anther Filament becomes the seed becomes the fruit
Slide 18 - Reproductive Organs Close up of stigma, style and anthers in a tulip
Slide 19 - Works Cited –retrieved 5/16/06 http://www.personal.psu.edu http://www.biology.iastate.edu http://www.emc.maricopa.edu http://fybio.bio.usyd.edu.au http://scitec.uwichill.edu http://images.google.com/images http://www.cas.vanderbilt.edu
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