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Ppt Presentation on Disease Pics which is created by Rik G and available for free download Disease Pics powerpoint presentation.

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Disease Pics PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 1 - Diseases How they affect us
Slide 2 - DISEASE ARE ACQUIRED BY: Genetic causes - inherited from parents Microbes - infection from a virus, bacteria or fungus Parasites - catch an organism that causes disease condition - e.g. malaria
Slide 3 - Chicken pox
Slide 4 - Shingles
Slide 5 - shingles
Slide 6 - Rubella or German measles
Slide 7 - Mumps
Slide 8 - Athletes foot
Slide 9 - Cold sore
Slide 10 - Herpes
Slide 11 - Small pox – a killer
Slide 12 - Small pox
Slide 13 - Polio
Slide 14 - Warts
Slide 15 - Verruca
Slide 16 - verruca
Slide 17 - Ulcers
Slide 18 - Ulcer
Slide 19 - Bed ulcers - Ouch!!!!!!!
Slide 20 - These are parasitic worms – passes from the intestine after treatment with drugs
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