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Ppt Presentation on Controlling Disease which is created by John and available for free download Controlling Disease powerpoint presentation.

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Controlling Disease PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 1 - Controlling Disease We are an attractive dish for microbes!
Slide 2 - Louis Pasteur People thought that food went off because it was in contact with air. They thought: Air + food microorganisms grow Pasteur said that microbes come from microbes He did som experiments to prove this -
Slide 3 - Louis Pasteur
Slide 4 - Pasteur’s Experiment He poured some grape juice in 2 flasks He then produced a ‘swan neck’ in the glass He heated the flasks to boiling One flask was left The other had its neck broken off Which went off? Why?
Slide 5 - Pathogens = microorganisms which cause disease Drugs are used to help people with diseases Painkillers – relieve the symptoms without curing the disease Antibiotics – chemicals which kill bacteria, but not viruses. Viruses develop in cells and are hard to kill
Slide 6 - Bacteria Drug Resistance Bacteria in nature are varied. A few have the resistance to antibiotic When the antibiotic is used there is a natural selection for the bacteria with the most drug resistance. These survive and breed and become more common
Slide 7 - Testing for Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria Clear of bacteria Bacteria colonies growing near disc of antibiotic Discs of different antibiotics
Slide 8 - Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria Many strains of bacteria have resistance to antibiotic due to natural selection So we need a range of antibiotics to fight disease with the best one for the job To slow down more antibiotic resistance developing in pathogenic bacteria we need to avoid over using antibiotics
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