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Cell Theory PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 1 - LESSON 3 Ch. 2 “Cells” Section 2: “Viewing Cells” Pages 47 - 51
Slide 2 - EARLY MICROSCOPES Zacharias Janssen - made 1st compound microscope a Dutch maker of reading glasses (late 1500’s)
Slide 3 - Leeuwenhoek made a simple microscope (mid 1600’s) magnified 270X Early microscope lenses made images larger but the image was not clear
Slide 4 - Leeuwenhoek's microscope A) a screw for adjusting the height of the object being examined B) a metal plate serving as the body C) a skewer to impale the object and rotate it D) the lens itself, which was spherical
Slide 5 - MODERN MICROSCOPES A microscope is simple or compound depending on how many lenses it contains A lens makes an enlarged image & directs light towards you eye
Slide 6 - A simple microscope has one lens Similar to a magnifying glass Magnification is the change in apparent size produced by a microscope
Slide 7 - COMPOUND MICROSCOPE A compound microscope has multiple lenses (eyepiece & objective lenses)
Slide 8 - STEREOMICROSCOPE creates a 3D image
Slide 9 - TOTAL MAGNIFICATION Powers of the eyepiece (10X) multiplied by objective lenses determine total magnification.
Slide 10 - ELECTRON MICROSCOPES More powerful; some can magnify up to 1,000,000X Use a magnetic field in a vacuum to bend beams of electrons Images must be photographed or produced electronically
Slide 11 - Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Electron microscope image of a spider produces realistic 3D image only the surface of specimen can be observed Electron microscope image of a fly foot
Slide 12 - Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) produces 2D image of thinly sliced specimen detailed cell parts (only inside a cell) can be observed
Slide 13 - Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM) able to show arrangement of atoms
Slide 14 - CELL THEORY A theory resulting from many scientists’ observations & conclusions
Slide 15 - CELL THEORY 1. The basic unit of life is the cell. (Hooke) In 1665, an English scientist named Robert Hooke made an improved microscope and viewed thin slices of cork viewing plant cell walls Hooke named what he saw "cells"
Slide 16 - CELL THEORY 2. All living things are made of 1 or more cells. Matthias Schleiden (botanist studying plants) Theodore Schwann (zoologist studying animals) stated that all living things were made of cells Schleiden Schwann
Slide 17 - CELL THEORY 3. All cells divide & come from old cells. (Virchow) Virchow
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