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Ppt Presentation on Cell And Tissue Culture which is created by Hina Hashmi and available for free download Cell And Tissue Culture powerpoint presentation.

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Cell And Tissue Culture PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 1 - Cell And Tissue Culture Mammalian Cells Advanced Higher Biology
Slide 2 - Why is it useful? Gene manipulation Culturing mammalian cells for cancer studies Producing new plants through tissue culture
Slide 3 - What do you need to do it? Source of cell material -freshly prepared -stock of cell line -bacterial culture
Slide 4 - Suitable container Simple flask Sophisticated fermenter with computer-controlled monitoring
Slide 5 - Growth medium Glucose Water Amino acids Salts
Slide 6 - Opportunity for Gas Exchange Oxygen Carbon dioxide
Slide 7 - Animal serum Foetal Bovine Serum Essential for animal cell proliferation 5% - 10% of growth media
Slide 8 - Indicator Waste products causes change in pH Use indicator like phenol red Changes from red to yellow
Slide 9 - Control of Temperature and pH 37.5 OC pH 7.5
Slide 10 - Method for Measuring Cell Growth Counting cell numbers in culture (haemocytometer) Measure optical density in spectrophotometer
Slide 11 - Sterilisation Antibiotics Sterilisation
Slide 12 - Cells are either…. Anchorage – dependant Anchorage - independant
Slide 13 - Anchorage – independant cells Cells associated with body fluid -blood cells Grown in suspension Will eventually need subculturing
Slide 14 - Anchorage – dependant cells Most animal derived cells Adhere to bottom of a flask and form a monolayer Eventually cover entire surface of substratum (confluence) Proliferation then stops Need to subculture cells at this point (remove to fresh medium) Proliferation can begin again
Slide 15 - 2 main categories of animal cell cultures…. Primary culture Continuous cell line
Slide 16 - Primary Cultures Taken from fresh tissue Limited life span in culture Treated by proteolytic enzyme (Trypsin) Separate into single cells -epithelial cells -fibroblasts
Slide 17 - Continuous Cell Line Derived from humans Been transformed -lose sensitivity to factors associated with growth control Produce immortalised cell lines Cell lines are neoplastic Often lose their anchorage-dependence -associated with an altered xsome pattern More easily cultured
Slide 18 - ppt slide no 18 content not found
Slide 19 - Why do it? Particular cells can be isolated and cloned -isolation of mutant cells -investigate cell growth -produce hybrid cells that have applications in biotechnology Produce important pharmaceuticals -vaccines -hormones
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