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The Avengers are a group of superheroes who work together for the greater good, download this avengers ppt presentation and know about leadership lessons we have learned from the movies avengers.

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The Avengers Leadership Lessons PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 1 - THE AVENGERS leadership lessons
Slide 2 - Having a diverse team helps. Bringing together a team of individuals with unique thought process and their own ways of leading can yield great results. No doubt it's a time taking process and it takes time to make it work. But once you have done it right, it can be something great yielding great results.
Slide 3 - Being a leader doesn't simply mean directing other people to do things. In fact, stepping up to perform any role can have a really positive impact on your team. Your subordinates start looking up to you as a true leader.
Slide 4 - A bit of friction among the team members isn't a bad thing. In fact, conflicts between people can be constructive and help a team achieve the common goal.
Slide 5 - Get involved with your team. Take the time to help your team members out, even if the problems are not related to your projects.
Slide 6 - Listen to others. Sometimes it is better to get lead by others if it makes sense.
Slide 7 - Express difference of opinion when you think you have got a point. Just do it in a healthy way. It is okay to politely suggest a difference of opinion when you think you have a better way of doing things.
Slide 8 - Do not make it all boring. Have some fun. team building activities and reward system to get the team/organization together for something fun and relaxing.
Slide 9 - THANK YOU Source : http://studentleadercollective.org/leadership-lessons-in-movies-the-avengers/