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Browse Indian Patriotism ppt presentation and get knowledge of Indian culture,indian patriotism. Download royalty free indian culture PowerPoint presentation now for great and creative presentation ideas on patriotism, indian patriotism,indian dresses,indian culture and more.

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Indian Patriotism and Indian Culture PowerPoint Presentation

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Indian Patriotism and Indian Culture Presentation Transcript

Slide 2 - “By patriotism I mean the welfare of whole of people, if I secure it at the hands of opponent, I should bow down my head to him.” - Father Of The Nation Gandhi Ji Patriotism is the passion which inspires one to serve his country. It Means loyalty of the highest degree towards one’s motherland. In our country even a small heart has a true feeling of respect towards Nation . PATRIOTISM
Slide 3 - India the land of the martyrs who have embraced the gallows for their ideals, where every drop in the freedom fighter’s blood has fought not for itself but for the nation, has today become indigent instead of indigenous of ‘patriotism’.
Slide 4 - Globalization is key to growth of India. It has opened gates to the entire world. These opportunities are utilized for the development of Nation but not for oneself . Youth should contribute in eradicating poverty, fight against corruption and ensure the fruits of development reach the people. One needs to strike a balance between development through Globalization and patriotism.
Slide 5 - Patriotism is observed as nothing else than the “pain on the prick of a pin”. It is rather believed to be a formality, a formality of saluting the national flag and minutes/seconds of freezed stature during the national anthem. “A Nations culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people”- Mahatma Ghandhi
Slide 6 - Prayers : Idol worship is practiced in India. It is simple way of expressing one’s faith, love and devotion to God . RELIGIONS : Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Buddhist, Jain or Zoroastrian; one can find people of all religions here in India. Family : Family ties are very important in India .
Slide 7 - Indian Dresses : Beauty of Indian women lies in the clothes she wears. Very traditional and ethnic yet contemporary Indian Saris are famous worldwide. Hospitality : Respect is always been a part of Indian soul. It is Indian’s tradition to respect our teachers, our parents ,elders and also guests. Namaste : for an Indian it's a way common way of greeting outsiders and elders.
Slide 8 - Thank You Jai hind