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Slide 1 - PENNSYLVANIA INDUSTRY OF THE FUTURE   PA-COAL MINING IOF An Industrial and Academic Collaboration Program Dominion Center for Environmental and Energy University of Pittsburgh Sponsored by Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Slide 2 - OBJECTIVES The overall objective of the project is to develop a Vision and Roadmap for Pennsylvania Coal Mining Industry of the Future through a joint effort between coal mining companies, academic institutions and related public and private enterprises in Pennsylvania. The primary outcomes of the project will be: A technology roadmap for the coal mining industry in Pennsylvania; and, Industrial and academic alliances and Government and private sector partnerships to respond to future opportunities.
Slide 3 - PROJECT ACTIVITIES Established an Advisory Board (Nov. 2002) Established a database of PA coal mining companies and related industry. Hosted the first workshop on May 5, 2003. Hosted second workshop on July 22, 2003. Prepare a report on the Vision and Roadmap for the PA-Coal Mining Industry of the Future. Encourage the formation of partnerships and alliances leading to future responses to solicitations from federal and state agencies.
Slide 4 - Focus Areas and Goals To make coal mining more productive in a safe and healthy environment To improve coal beneficiation in response to the need of end user (electric generators in particular) To minimize adverse impact of coal mining on the environment To demonstrate economic benefits leading to positive political and social climate for the coal mining industry in Pennsylvania
Slide 5 - PA Coal Mining IOF Vision (Draft) 1. Coal mining is sustainable in Pennsylvania.  2. PA coal is mined in a safe, efficient, economic and environmentally sound manner.  3. PA mine site provides for the maximum protection of the workforce’s health and safety and public welfare. 5. PA coal is the predominant source of electricity and generators are able to burn coal at competitive rates while complying with air and water quality mandates and land use requirements. 6. PA coal is moved from the mine to the prep plant to the end-user in a safe, efficient and environmentally sound manner. Coal transportation does not negatively affect public infrastructure.
Slide 6 - Roadmap Area 1 – Mine Safety & Productivity Provide training innovations to improve and link safety and productivity, including orientation programs for new miners and high technology maintenance. Develop mine communication systems designed to enhance efficiency. Develop technology to locate and identify geological and man-made problems. effective methane recovery systems. Develop multiple-seam mining technology. Integrate cost-effectiveness into each initiative. Develop Promote collaboration and supporting resources.
Slide 7 - Roadmap Area 2 – Coal Beneficiation Determine the effects of beneficiation on trace elements, including mercury, and their disposition in coal cleaning plant refuse and power plant ash. Determine the fuel-related costs of operation and maintenance of PA’s coal-fired power plants. Develop new technologies for beneficiation, dewatering and reconstitution of fine size coal. Develop effective clay removable technology for beneficiation and waste disposal. Develop improved technology for controlling dust during cleaning, processing, storage and transportation. Promote collaboration and supporting resources.
Slide 8 - Roadmap Area 3 – Environmental Issues Improve methods for predicting effects of coal mining and maximizing resource recovery. Develop better and cheaper methods to remediate effects of mining. Enhance remining techniques to reclaim coal. Expand CO2 sequestration capabilities. Promote collaboration and supporting resources.
Slide 9 - Roadmap Area 4 – Political & Economic Issues Develop industrial and academic alliances as well as government and private sector partnerships focusing on the coal mining industry. Organize regularly scheduled meetings of focus groups to discuss current and future needs of the PA coal mining industry. Investigate the IOF programs of other states and their accomplishments for possible adoption. Improve the competitive position of PA coal with regard to: - Energy savings - Fossil fuel resources Energy infrastructure
Slide 10 - Roadmap Area 4 – Political & Economic Issues (Cont’d) Characterize PA coal relative to: Sustainable development Use as an energy sources for heat/electricity Develop metrics of accountability for investment in all IOF activities, including: Research expenditures Projects Job creation Savings to PA Outside investment Mining residue commercialization, site reclamation, water resources, etc.
Slide 11 - Key Barriers Depletion of high quality coal reserves High capital investment for coal mining Assimilation of effective use of advanced mining equipment and technologies Increasingly stringent/inflexible regulations Inadequate geological and mining records Difficult economic and political climate
Slide 12 - Importance of Partnerships Government-Industry-Academia Partners Regional Alliance Multi-State Collaboration
Slide 13 - Unique Opportunities and Challenges in Pennsylvania Waste coal recovery Mine water use and reclamation Re-mining of abandoned mines Coal mine methane recovery CO2 sequestration in coal seams
Slide 14 - Keystones to Success Develop advanced technologies and training to - Insure safety and health of coal miners - Increase productivity in coal mining and processing - Minimize impacts on the environment Develop effective information management to - Evaluate existing and new geological data - Establish a comprehensive coal mine water data base Develop a plan for public education to - Recruit and train new and younger coal miners - Provide a positive image of the coal mining industry - Gain public support both financially and politically