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An Absolutely Successful Press Release Distribution Format Tips PowerPoint Presentation

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An Absolutely Successful Press Release Distribution Format Tips Presentation Transcript

Slide 1 - Here are the quick tips:
Slide 2 - General Formatting Information A standard press release is formatted in the accompanying manner: a) Between 400 - 600 words (1-2 pages) b) No utilization of individual pronouns (I, you, we) c) A generally utilized text style (Calibri, or Times New Roman) d) Single-dispersed passages with a full line space in the middle e) White paper with 1" edges
Slide 3 - THE HEADER a) Add Contact Name b) Organization Name c) Phone/Mobile/Fax Number d) Email address e) Website/Social Media Account Information
Slide 4 - 3. End your Press Release a) Use eye cachy Headlines, sub- features & deadline. b) The central body passage ought to be real and not zeroed in on promoting a specific organization or product. c) Include BOILERPLATE. It contains important organization information and ought to be genuine. d) Add Footer. It should be focus formatted and at the base.
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Slide 10 - A Press Release Helps in: Search Engine Optimization Sell Affiliate Products New Big Launch Link Building using Press Release
Slide 11 - Our Top References Top 10 Newspapers in the World The Top 10 US Daily Newspapers by Circulation Top 10 UK Newspapers Top 10 Most Famous Newspapers in France Top 10 Spanish Newspapers Top 10 Daily Italian Newspapers Top 10 National Newspapers in Germany Top 10 Russian News Companies Top 10 Mexico Daily Newspapers Top 10 English News Sources in Thailand
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Slide 15 - Thank You
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