STUDENTS BEWARE Degrees from Holmes Institute Australia not Recognized by AIU

Post by : Anupma Singh,MarCom Specialist in Content Marketing on Jul 17, 2023

An Indian student, in order to realize their International education dream, goes through a stringent Streamlined Visa Processes & Genuine Temporary Entrant processes to prove their worthiness of having an Australian quality education dream. But what good if that degree does not hold any value in their home country.


Indian Students interested in studying abroad and willing to go to Australia, especially at Holmes Institute Australia, BEWARE, Bachelors & Masters Degree offered by Holmes Institute are not recognized by Association of Indian Universities (AIU). AIU is the nodal agency for granting academic equivalence to the degrees awarded by the accredited foreign universities / institutions.


Thus, students carrying bachelors/Masters degree from Holmes Institute Australia may face this disappointing situation as their degrees wont be regarded equivalent to the Bachelors and Masters Degree of India. This is sufficient to restrict Indian students from Holmes Institute to get jobs or do study higher qualification in India.



This is an important piece of news for students going to Australia in search of better education and later job prospects. As such, the news got sufficient coverage. Please check a few instances if the news is of your interest: