How to Use SlidesFinder to Promote Your PowerPoint Presentations

Post by : Anupma Singh,MarCom Specialist in Marketing on Jun 07, 2019
Introduction to the presentation website

When it comes to social media marketing for professionals and businesses, most of them find themselves a bit lost. For professionals and businesses, to maintain a profitable presence online requires a lot of efforts. As such, they find it difficult to manage their time and find new avenues for their business promotions.

Although a relatively new presentation website with a great blog, SlidesFinder is quickly gaining in popularity like other social media platforms for professionals and businesses. SlidesFinder has great potential for great ROI for professionals and businesses, and the platform is worth having a look at. Use of SlidesFinder is on the rise with an increasing number of marketers, professionals, students and academicians/researchers.

What is SlidesFinder?

SlidesFinder is a presentation website that allows users to post their content - presentations, notes, PDFs, and others-on the web for other people's consumption. The PowerPoint presentation website also allows users to search, view and share the content contributed by other professionals or businesses. With quickly increasing user-base, and hence visitors, SlidesFinder is among the most popular presentation sharing websites.

While some presentation websites can be tough to read on mobile devices, SlidesFinder automatically optimizes content for various mobile devices. As such, users of the platform can be sure that their content is visible to all users. SlidesFinder content also ranks high in Google search results, making it a worthwhile promotional tool for professionals and businesses. PowerPoint presentations uploaded on SlidesFinder are very convenient to embed on your own blog or website, thus increasing the value of your content and providing you benefit in the search engine rankings.

Immediately after signing up on SlidesFinder, you can start uploading your content. But, with a huge database of PowerPoint presentations from across various industry segments, you should do a few things on the platform to stand out.

1. Take a look at other SlidesFinder content

Browse on SlidesFinder to check what other professionals and businesses are creating. By doing so, you will find that some PowerPoint presentations are more effective than others. Now, go ahead and imitate the style and presentation of the ones doing good. Start with the PowerPoint presentations that are featured on homepage – these are handpicked by SlidesFinder editorial team and can teach you a lot on how to come up with a top presentation.

2. Make your PowerPoint presentations recognizable

You want win people as your regular viewers and sharers, don’t you? By adopting a consistent style which resonates with your audience, you can get people to stay with you. SlidesFinder provides you with free PowerPoint templates, helping you make your PowerPoint presentations easily recognizable. Go ahead and check SlidesFinder free PowerPoint templates to and find one that suits your style.

3. Make your PowerPoint presentations eye-catching

PowerPoint presentations with effective images and illustrations attract more attention. Including eye-catching pictures and illustrations in your presentation slides could considerably increase the number of views and shares you receive.

4. Optimize your PowerPoint presentations for searching

As a professional in a particular industry you want your content to be as visible as possible online, and that too to relevant people in your industry. For this, you need to optimize your presentations for your business keywords. This will help your presentations to come up in search results. SlidesFinder provides you features to include tags or keywords to make your PowerPoint presentations easily searchable. Try and include your business keywords in your title. Always include a brief description of the presentation.

5. Share your PowerPoint presentations among your communities

As mentioned earlier, SlidesFinder makes it simple to embed your presentations on your own website or blog. Share your content on social media etc. This will help increase the reach of your presentations.

On top of everything, have fun doing all the listed things. Believe us, you do not need to sweat to see the advantages of sharing your PowerPoint presentations on SlidesFinder