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Tips for promotion your brand on social media, find this social media ppt presentation to promote your brand on different - 2 social media.

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Social Media Tips and Tricks PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 2 - Index The Big Picture of Mobile and Social Media Top 5 Facebook Best Practices Top 5 Twitter Best Practices Top 5 Instagram Best Practices HOW TO : Create Visual Content HOW TO : Track Mobile and Social Media ROI
Slide 3 - The Big Picture of Mobile and Social Media All online communications are now mobile and social. There is an art and science to mobile and social media. Mobile and social media are powerful fundraising tools.
Slide 4 - The Impact of Age and Gender Nonprofits must now communicate with five generations of donors, supporters, and communities served: 1. Silent Generation (Born 1925-1945, aged 69-older) 2. Baby Boomers (Born 1946-1964, aged 50-68) 3. Generation X (Born 1965-1979, aged 35-49) 4. Millennials (Born 1980-2000, aged 14-34) 5. Generation Z (Born 2001-present, aged 13-younger) Additionally, women are much more active on social media than men.
Slide 5 - The Impact of Race and Class The largest racial group using Twitter is African Americans at 26% and Twitter’s user base skews urban. 70% of Pinterest users are female, predominately white, and come from households earning more than $50,000. African Americans, Hispanics and women are the most active Instagram users. Instagram’s user base also skews urban. In households earning less than $50,000 annually, 55 percent own Android phones compared to 36 percent who own iPhones.
Slide 6 - Facebook Best Practices Rather than sharing links on Facebook, upload photos with a link in the body of the status updates. Photos get 7X more engagement on Facebook than links. The ideal image size for Facebook photos is 500 x 500 pixels.
Slide 7 - Facebook Best Practices Experiment with only posting twice a day or less. The number one reason why supporters unlike a Facebook Page is because the admin posted too often.
Slide 8 - Facebook Best Practices Post at least once on the weekend through the “Schedule Post” function. More supporters “Share” your content on Saturdays than any other day. Important: Do not use HootSuite to post to Facebook. Post Manually and get more impact.
Slide 9 - Facebook Best Practices Enable “Similar Page Suggestions” in your Admin Panel. Page Suggestions are the primary source of new fans.
Slide 10 - Facebook Best Practices Tap into the power of Giving Days, such as Giving Tuesday and Give Local America. Facebook referred 29.4% of traffic to donation pages on #GivingTuesday2013 and #GiveLocalAmerica2014 was the most successful fundraising event in U.S. history.
Slide 11 - Twitter Best Practices Become an expert news source for your region and prioritize getting retweeted by tweeting and curating good content. Tweets that include links receive 86% higher retweet rates. Important: Don’t feel like you must have a dynamic or casual persona on Twitter.
Slide 12 - Twitter Best Practices Experiment with posting a tweet or retweet every once an hour. Follow strategically. The more often you follow, the more often your avatar is visible on Twitter. You can organize the chaos by using lists.
Slide 13 - Twitter Best Practices Using more than two hashtags in a tweet decreases the retweet rate. Clear, concise language is the most retweeted.
Slide 14 - Twitter Best Practices Tweets with photos receive an average of 5X more retweets. Tweets that include properly sized photos receive up to 2X more retweets than those with cropped photos. The ideal image size for Twitter photos is 500 x 250 pixels.
Slide 15 - Instagram Best Practices Be ahead of the curve. Instagram is a sleeping giant that could transform fundraising. Imagine when images and videos could link to third-party pages within the Instagram app to enable two-tap giving and easy text giving.
Slide 16 - Instagram Best Practices Take screenshots of your most successful photos on Facebook (Pinterest, Google+, etc.) and regram them to Instagram. At minimum, upload at least one photo or video a day. Engagement is higher on Instagram than any other social network.
Slide 17 - Instagram Best Practices Upload behind-the-scenes photos and report live from events. Include a short description and hashtags. Create 15-Second video and video essays.
Slide 18 - Create Visual Content Create promotional graphics [on Twitter], quote (photo) and stat graphics (photo), and title graphics. (Adobe Photoshop, PicMonkey) Create fundraising graphics for mobile and social media. Create Infographics. (Infogram, Piktochart, Shutterstock)
Slide 19 - HOW TO Track Mobile and Social Media ROI
Slide 20 - Track and Report Progress Define your metrics and set measurable goals: - 25% increase in website and blog traffic in 12 months - 2,000 new e-newsletter subscribers - 25% increase in online donations - 1,500 new Facebook fans, 1,000 new Twitter followers, 750 new Google+ followers, and 500 new Pinterest followers - 10,000 video views on YouTube Create a Social Media ROI spreadsheet. Review the spreadsheet annually adjust goals and objectives accordingly and report progress.
Slide 21 - Conclusion Your mobile and social media campaigns are only as good as the staff that create and manage them.