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What Colors Can Mean for Your Brand Identity PowerPoint Presentation

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thetemplatewizard By : thetemplatewizard

On : Feb 10, 2014

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What Colors Can Mean for Your Brand Identity
Presentation Transcript

  • Slide 1 - What Colors Can Mean for Your Brand Identity David Suresh Co-founder/Creative Head TheTemplateWizard www.TheTemplateWizard.com
  • Slide 2 - Brand Design: Colors Do Matter Colors speak volumes with their well-known emotive power
  • Slide 3 - Colors are capable of: Communicating meaning Triggering emotional associations Eliciting evocative memories buried in our subconscious minds
  • Slide 4 - Colors can persuade or dissuade according to your efforts.
  • Slide 5 - Stanford Web Credibility Research in one of its publications suggested that about 46% people determine the worth of a website on the basis of its overall visual appeal! 46%
  • Slide 6 - Studies also tell that a brand’s color can influence around 70% of a customer’s purchasing decisions! 70%
  • Slide 7 - Suggestive, isn’t it?
  • Slide 8 - The numbers are overwhelming, and as such, it makes sense to give your color palette some serious thought, while crafting your presentation and marketing message. When we talk about brand branding, choosing the right color scheme is extremely important. Properly thought out color scheme can set the mood of your designs, as brought forth in your marketing communications.
  • Slide 9 - A few facts about colors in brand identity:
  • Slide 10 - A study of the world’s top 100 brands on the basis of brand value, found the following about the use of colors: 29% Use Red 33% Use Blue 28% Use Black 13% Use Yellow
  • Slide 11 - Integrate your brand colors across the board – on your website, in your presentations, in your documents and other kind of communications – To achieve the highest impact. It has been proved by many researches that colors have different connotations in the context of corporate branding.
  • Slide 12 - Meaning of, and consumer reactions to different colors
  • Slide 13 - Red Red can evoke a very passionate and warm response Love Passion Romance Danger Energy
  • Slide 14 - Red is best for: Food & Beverage Automobiles Science & Technology
  • Slide 15 - Purple Purple is considered to be a very sophisticated and royal color Royalty Luxury Wisdom Dignity
  • Slide 16 - Purple is best for: Science & Technology Healthcare Education
  • Slide 17 - Blue Arguably the most popular choice for a brand! Peace Sincerity Confidence Integrity Tranquility
  • Slide 18 - Blue is best for: Entertainment Healthcare Education Internet
  • Slide 19 - Green Green can mean anything between affluence and serenity. Life Growth Nature Money Freshness
  • Slide 20 - Green is best for: Real Estate Education Food & Beverage Entertainment
  • Slide 21 - Yellow can communicate for you, hope and optimism. Yellow Intellect Friendliness Warmth Caution Cowardice
  • Slide 22 - Yellow is best for: Real Estate Food & Beverage Healthcare Education
  • Slide 23 - Orange can communicate energy, boldness, life and excitement Orange Innovation Creativity Thinking Idea
  • Slide 24 - Orange is best for: Healthcare Internet
  • Slide 25 - Black represents classic sophistication and is best suited for expensive products. Black Power Sophistication Mystery Death
  • Slide 26 - Black is best for: Fashion & Lifestyle Automobile
  • Slide 27 - White represents purity and cleanliness. White Hope Simplicity Cleanliness Goodness Purity
  • Slide 28 - White is best for: Fashion & Lifestyle Healthcare
  • Slide 29 - References: http://www.entrepreneur.com http://www.inc.com/ http://credibility.stanford.edu/
  • Slide 30 - About TheTemplateWizard TheTemplateWizard, your one-stop shop for all your commercial graphic design needs! With our free and premium editable graphic design templates, including PowerPoint templates, MS Word templates, PowerPoint animations, business videos, etc., you will find your perfect background to express yourself with the help of a couple of clicks. We invite professionals to check our premium design library for professional graphic design templates! www.TheTemplateWizard.com
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  • Slide 32 - Thank You !

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