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View this presentation on renewable energy sector in india and Indian Energy Sectors.

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indian energy | indian energy power | india energy sector pdf | renewable energy sector in india | evergy sector

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Indian Energy Sector PowerPoint Presentation

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About This Presentation

Description : View this presentation on renewable energy sector in india and Indian Energy Sectors. Read More

Tags : indian energy | indian energy power | india energy sector pdf | renewable energy sector in india | evergy sector

Published on : Jan 18, 2019
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Indian Energy Sector
Presentation Transcript

Slide 1 - Types of Energy Non Renewable Energy - Coal , Lignite , Oil , Natural gas , Nuclear fuel etc. Renewable Energy - Solar , Wind , Hydro, Geothermal , Biomass etc Power Generation in India Ppt Presentation
Slide 2 - Installed capacity and renewable share Total Installed Capacity (MW), Jan’ 2015 Renewable Installed Capacity (MW), March’ 2015
Slide 3 - 5-6 May, 2015 Synergy With Energy 2015, Ahmedabad 4 Selected Energy Indicators - 2010 - Source : IEA Report 2010
Slide 4 - Power projection in the next Decade
Slide 5 - ENERGY SECTOR - CHALLENGES Main challenges Increasing PLF Reducing Transmission & Distr. Losses Offering affordable tariff to consumers across various segments Faster creation of transmission and distribution systems and releasing connection on demand
Slide 6 - Energy Sector - Challenges Build New Power Generation Facilities to meet with increasing demand for power Replacement of Old Plants with better technology and/or Renewable source for greater sustainability Many Gas based Projects are operating at about 25 % capacity due to unaffordable Gas prices. It is a challenge to tie up Gas supply at reasonable price for such plants
Slide 7 - ENERGY SECTOR - CHALLENGES Challenges for Upcoming / New Projects Land Acquisition for new projects Faster New Project approvals and management Environmental issues in setting up new projects Constraints in setting up nuclear power projects Public interest litigations and Rehabilitation issues in Setting up new hydro power project
Slide 8 - Energy Sector - Challenges Coal quality and availability and Mining Licenses Lower calorific value of indigenous coal Poor network of Pipeline for Natural Gas, Shale Gas and CBM We have installed Generation capacity of 267 GW over 65 years. Now we need to add more than the twice the same capacity in the next 15 years !! it is an uphill task.
Slide 9 - Energy Sector - Challenges POWER TRANSMISSION LINES IN INDIA. IN 1950: 3,708 CIRCUIT KILOMETRES ( IN 2010: 2,65,000 BY 2014: 2,94,621 SUB-STATION CAPACITY IS 5,41,316 MVA Despite this Network about 20 % population of India is still without access to Electricity
Slide 10 - Realising India's True Renewable Energy Potential
Slide 11 - The challenges of Climate Change, has led the mankind to look back at Non-conventional energy sources. The Non-Conventional energy sources - strictly speaking are not Non-conventional. Because they emerge from Five Elements of Nature. They are now better known as Renewable Energy Sources. Harnessing Renewable Holds the Key...
Slide 12 - 255 GW 72% from Non-Renewable 28% from Renewable 184 GW 71 GW Electrical Energy Generation in India - 2014 13 Note: Andhra and Telangana States leads as the greatest power deficit with peak power being less by 3.2 GW against demand Total = 255 GW Data Source: Wikipedia, 2014
Slide 13 - OUR TARGET IN THE NEXT DECADE 14 Present Status (2014) 255 GW Target (2024) 603 GW Projected energy demand Ratio = 2.4 Let us find a simple solution !!!!
Slide 14 - Present status 255 GW Target 603 GW Projected energy demand in 2024 X 2.4 442 GW 170 GW X 2.4 Nuclear 12 GW Oil & Gas 60 GW Coal 370 GW Wind 50 GW Solar 5 GW Biomass & small hydro 17 GW Hydro 98 GW Total=602GW
Slide 15 - What are our Strengths…? We have plenty of Sunlight We have plenty of Wind during all seasons We have many Rivers, Himalayan mountains We have more than 300 hot springs (40-80oC) We have vast landmass = 32,87,263 km² We have large technical manpower 16
Slide 16 - Our Weaknesses We do not have enough Hydrocarbons We do not have much Nuclear Fuel The shallow coal is not enough to our power sector We have more than 1 Billion people to take care of…for food, energy etc… 17
Slide 17 - + X 10 X 2 X 3 X 50 Present status 255 GW Target 603 GW Projected energy demand in 2024 X 1 184 GW 418 GW Nuclear 5 GW Oil & Gas 25 GW Coal 154 GW Wind 210 GW Solar 100 GW Biomass & small hydro 21 GW Hydro 82 GW Total=602GW Smart Plan Geothermal 5 GW