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5 Interesting Things You Will Learn After Playing ‘No Man’s Sky’ PowerPoint Presentation

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On : Oct 03, 2016

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5 Interesting Things You Will Learn After Playing ‘No Man’s Sky’
Presentation Transcript

  • Slide 1 - 5 Interesting Things You Will Learn After Playing ‘No Man’s Sky’ By SHaMY Stores
  • Slide 2 - No Man’s Sky is a PlayStation 4 game that entitles you in the role of a space explorer, where you seek out unexplored galaxies and origins of wildlife. The hype surrounding the game is largely due to the gameplay or procedural generation which involves the makers having employed algorithms to create planets, solar systems and its residents at random offering a whole new gaming experience.
  • Slide 3 - The game starts with the player standing near a ship without any resources. As you wander around, you get to acquire tools such as an exosuit, a jetpack, and a mining laser which you can later convert to a weapon by applying technology. While wandering further you get to learn it’s all about exploring the planet in which you are, it’s inhabited life, and the tools and weapon that you have at disposal. Players are assisted by a scanner which helps them in determining from alien species to sheltered locations or what lies ahead. You can also use an analysis tool to spot different animals and plant life. It’s all About Discovery
  • Slide 4 - Your exosuit and spaceship offers a wide space or slots to store a plethora of technology tools and materials. Some exclusive findings such as Fascination Beads or Gek Charms can be acquired in exchange of credits, along with element resources like titanium, plutonium, and iron which can be used to fully-equip your suit and spaceship. These materials can also be merged with technology for customization and you create new tools and equipment for specific purposes. For instance, developing warp cells which are used to fuel hyperdrive and letting you travel across solar systems. In short, choices of picking resources with proper management is equally essential in No Man’s Sky as the exploration aspect. Constantly find something useful to store! Never Enough Room for Resources
  • Slide 5 - You may have seen the worlds in some free-roaming games as huge, but they are nowhere near the size of No Man’s Sky’s galactic map. When stepping in the actual gameplay, you will literally see hundreds of shining dots on the screen. Each of these dots represents a solar system which contains a number of planets and space stations of varying sizes. If you are addicted on completing each and every mission or quest of a game, then this game is surely a challenge for ages for you. The Galactic Map is Huge
  • Slide 6 - For example, there is a water-filled planet with an abandoned building resting deep in the ocean. Obviously, you will have to swim deep down there to investigate. Just in case you reach down with very little health and no available slots for oxygen supply, the panic and adrenaline rush is all in you now, where you may be needing to use push through your jetpack in order to breathe some life-saving air. The game is filled with situations like these which will turn some strolling-through missions into such vicious encounters. The Game Can Be Truly Dangerous at Times
  • Slide 7 - Yes, almost anything can be renamed let it be planets, solar system, plants, animals, etc. For instance, encountering a red solar system can be renamed as anything such as “McReddy System”. Get to Rename Everything
  • Slide 8 - This gaming information is shared on the behalf of shamystores. For further details visit the official page or contact through details..
  • Slide 9 - CALL US: 03-4288876 Website: http://shamystores.com/ Raml Station: 03-48 68 316 011 11 511 622 address: 42 El-Naby Danial St - Raml Station City Center: 03-36 80 321 012 26 606 612 address: carrefour city center- front mobile shop Smouha: 03-4288876 012 80 777 299 address: 90 Fawzi moaaz st, front El- horeya Mall , Smouha
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