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The Strategic Management PowerPoint Presentation

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On : Mar 19, 2016

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The Strategic Management
Presentation Transcript

  • Slide 1 - (Strategic Management) The Strategic Management
  • Slide 2 - 2-1/ Definition « Strategic management is a process through which managers formulate and implement strategies geared to optimizing strategic goal achievement given available environment and internal conditions » Management Kathryn M. Bartol & David C. Martin
  • Slide 3 - Strategic management process
  • Slide 4 - 2-2/ Integrating Intuition and analysis Intuition is the key of making a good strategic decision especially in situation of great inccertainly or little precedent. But Intuitive and experience-based management are inadequate when decisions are strategic and have a major irreversible consequences
  • Slide 5 - 2-3/ The importance of strategic management Strategic Management help organizations to identify and develop a competitive advantage Provide a sens of direction so that employees know where they expend their efforts Highlight the need of innovation related to strategies. Link between strategic management and financial performance
  • Slide 6 - 2-4/ Strategic Management: A continuous process The Intended strategy and Realized strategy usually differ because of unforeseen environmental or organizational events.
  • Slide 7 - 2-4/ Strategic Management: A continuous process Deliberate Strategy Emergent Strategy Unrealized Strategy
  • Slide 8 - 2-4/ Strategic Management: A continuos process Strategy Planing Strategy implementation Creating Putting strategies into actions strategies Strategic Management is concerned with making decision about an organization’s future direction and implementing those decisions
  • Slide 9 - 2-4/ Strategic Management: A continuous process
  • Slide 10 - 2-4/ Strategic Management: A continuous process
  • Slide 11 - 2-4/ Strategic Management: A continuous process Strategic competitiveness is achieved when a company successfully formulates and implements a value creating strategy. When the value creating strategy that is new, unique and not easly imitable, the firm had a sustained competitive advantage.
  • Slide 12 - 2-4/ Strategic Management: A continuous process Feedback about firm’s strategic actions comes from various sources but the most important source is provided by firm stakeholder’s. It helps the firm continuously to adjust and refine strategic inputs and strategic actions. It includes: Clients Competitors Suppliers The State The society
  • Slide 13 - 2-5/ Promoting Innovation:Modes of strategic management Modes of strategic management are the actual kinds of approaches taken by managers in formulating and implementing strategies The mode selected is likely to influence the degree of innovation that occurs within the organization.
  • Slide 14 - ppt slide no 14 content not found
  • Slide 15 - THANK YOU
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