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Strategic Management : STRATEGY AUDITS

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strategy audits | strategic management

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STRATEGY AUDITS PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : Strategic Management : STRATEGY AUDITS Read More

Tags : strategy audits | strategic management

Published on : Mar 19, 2016
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Slide 1 - Strategic Management STRATEGY AUDITS
Slide 2 - A strategy audit is conducted in three phases:
Slide 3 - 2) CONTROL LEVELS They are distinguishing three key areas that must be evaluated in the process of strategic control:
Slide 4 - 3) EXERTING STRATEGIC CONTROL Strategic control may be exerted in a number of different ways such as: Control Through Multilevel Performance Criteria Control Through Performance Control trough organizational variables
Slide 5 - 4) PROBLEMS OF CONTROL In an evaluation system, major sources of dissension are : (1) Vesting excessive authority in the controller's operation The abuse of budgets Rewards and punishments
Slide 6 - 5) Relationship between Strategic Control and other phases of the Strategic Management Process Output from the management control process can directly influence any or all of the other phases of the strategic management process.
Slide 7 - Conclusion Thank you for your attention!