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The Vantages Of Guarantor Loans When Compared To Payday Loans PowerPoint Presentation

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On : Nov 22, 2014

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The Vantages Of Guarantor Loans When Compared To Payday Loans
Presentation Transcript

  • Slide 1 - Shopping around for the best loans might not be an option for everyone. At times, we will have to take the decisions at a faster pace because there might not ample time to sit and research about the loan options available during these times. At this point, there is a high probability to make mistakes, which could ultimately lead to repentance. Although you might hear about asking for the advice provided by friends and loved ones during such instances, a better course of action will be to opt for guarantor loans. People will have their own share of confusion about whether a particular money lending company would grant them the loan amount in the first place. That high street lender might not be welcoming your loan application, especially if you have missed a couple of payments in the past. Have a good notion about your existing credit score in order to save time by not consulting the usual sources because they would only waste your precious time. During these times, it has become customary for financiers to have diverse criteria they will use to find whether they should grant the loan amount to a particular applicant. The average loan applicant is never going to have any notion about such aspects taken into account by the money lending companies.
  • Slide 2 - Guarantor loans happen to be the best bet for all those who know that they cannot get money from the usual set of high street lenders and other financial institutions. There are several advantages in store for someone who decides to opt for this type of loan. For a start, they can get direct access to larger amounts ranging in between $ 1000 and $ 7000. Such amounts are more than ample to cover some of the most pressing expenses coming your way! Avoid that age-old practice to opting for the loans from payday loan providers. The interest rates are going to be very high and you will find it extremely difficult to get out of your debt. The authorities have designed the system, so that it works out as a lucrative business proposition exclusively for the lenders! The annual percentage rate will always work out to be lower when you opt for guarantor loans. Do bear in mind that you should know someone, who trusts you, to serve as the guarantor. Only then, you are going to get the loan amount from the respective financiers. The repayment period of the guarantor loans will also work out in a beneficial manner. Typically, the loan repayment period will last in between one year to a maximum of five years. In other terms, all those who have a monthly paycheck will find it extremely beneficial to opt for this type of loan. In the presence of a guarantor, getting the necessary credit will no longer be an ordeal. However, please repay the loan amount as listed in the original terms and conditions. If you do not repay in a timely manner, it will be the duty of the guarantor to complete the payments!
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