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Understanding URL PowerPoint Presentation

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On : May 31, 2016

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Understanding URL
Presentation Transcript

  • Slide 1 - CS134 Web Design & Development Understanding URL & Learn How to Use Different CSS Selector Type Mehmud Abliz
  • Slide 2 - Understanding URL When we have html code like following: Or CSS code like:background: url(../img/pdf.png) no-repeat;list-style: url(./img/bullet2.png) inside; We need to specify the URL. How do we know the URL of an object (a file, or a link)?
  • Slide 3 - Understanding URL Assume we have following folders and files
  • Slide 4 - If we want to insert "image1.jpg“ in the "assign2.html" file, then the html code will be: Understanding URL
  • Slide 5 - Practice: download the "c8_e1.zip“ file from the following address:http://www.cs.pitt.edu/~mehmud/cs134-2084/files/c8_e1.zip 1) Insert "image2.jpg" in "about.html" file;2) Insert "image3.jpg" in "index.html" and also in "assign1.html";3) Make a link to "about.html", "assign1.html", "assign2.html" files in the "index.html" file. Understanding URL
  • Slide 6 - Using Different CSS Selectors Type Selector redefines the look of a specific tag A type selector matches every instance of the element type in the document tree E.g. body {background-color: #000000;} Class Selector can apply to any tag E.g. .indent{margin-right:5%;margin-left: 5%;} In HTML,

    ID Selector E.g. #myId {color: #38608A;} In HTML,

    some text..

    Understanding URL
  • Slide 7 - Using Different CSS Selectors Grouping When several selectors share the same declarations, they may be grouped into a comma-separated list.e.g. h1, h2, h3 {font-family: Georgia;} Universal selector The universal selector, written "*", matches the name of any element type. e.g. * {border: 2px;} Understanding URL
  • Slide 8 - Using Different CSS Selectors Descendant selector Sometimes, you want selectors to match an element that is the descendant of another element in the document tree(e.g., "Match those EM elements that are contained by an H1 element"). Descendant selectors express such a relationship in a pattern. A descendant selector is made up of two or more selectors separated by whitespace. e.g. h1 em {color: blue;} Understanding URL
  • Slide 9 - Using Different CSS Selectors When to use which? Use “type selector” when you want to apply certain style for all occurrences of a certain tag Use “ID selector” if you want to apply the style for only one occurrence of a certain tag Use “class selector” if you want to apply the style for many (but not all) occurrences of a certain tag; OR if you want to apply the style for more than one type of tags Understanding URL
  • Slide 10 - Using Different CSS Selectors When to use which? (cont.) Use “Grouping” When several selectors share the same declarations Use “Universal selector” if you want all the tags in your web documents have some common style (for example, all tags don’t have any margin) Use “Descendant selectors” if you want selectors to match an element that is the descendant of another element Understanding URL
  • Slide 11 - Using Different CSS Selectors Practice Save the HTML file at the following address to your local hard drive:http://www.cs.pitt.edu/~mehmud/cs134-2084/exercise/orion.html Add following CSS rules into orion.html as internal stylesheet:*, h1, h2, h6, h1, h2, h6, p, .yellowBG, #topcontent, ul li a, #selectedli I explain how you should add them Understanding URL
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