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ASP DotNET MVC INTRODUCTION PowerPoint Presentation

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programmingsguru By : programmingsguru

On : Sep 15, 2016

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Presentation Transcript

  • Slide 1 - ASP.NET mvc INTRODUCTIONMAX WEBERSenior consultantTallan inc ASP.NET Model View Controller
  • Slide 2 - About Max Senior Consultant at Tallan Certifications MCSD – .NET MCTS – SharePoint Application Development Member of the Enterprise .NET and SharePoint Initiatives at Tallan max.weber@tallan.com
  • Slide 3 - About Tallan Founded in 1985 and Headquartered in Rocky Hill, CT Offices in: California, NYC, Tampa, and Boston Over 100 technology consultants with a wide range of expertise and knowledge Emphasis on current technology trends and talent Specialize in Custom Application Development, Business Intelligence, Portals, Content Management, and Custom Application Development
  • Slide 4 - Agenda Why do developers care about this framework? What is it? A view from an experienced ASP.net developer. Release Status How to get started? IDE, framework downloads, and extensions Demo – Creating a working MVC application
  • Slide 5 - Why the ASP.net MVC? Clear Separation of Concerns Testability Clean URLs
  • Slide 6 - Why the ASP.net MVC? Clear Separation of Concerns
  • Slide 7 - Why the ASP.net MVC? Testability
  • Slide 8 - Why the ASP.net MVC? Clean URLs http://myapp/customers/brown/ Are M U C H better than… http://myapp/customers.aspx?name=brown
  • Slide 9 - What is the ASP.net MVC? MVC Design Pattern Model – maintain state View – present the user interface Controller – serves as the “glue” between Model and View. REST – Representational State Transfer No Post-Back Model
  • Slide 10 - What is the ASP.net MVC?
  • Slide 11 - Release Status 1st CTP Released Feb 29th 2008 2nd CTP Released March 19th 2008 3rd CTP Released May 27th 2008 4th CTP Released July 16th 2008 5th – Current CTP Release ETA on Final Release Candidate - tbd
  • Slide 12 - Getting Started Visual Studio 2008 Professional or higher 3.5 .NET Framework MVC Extensions
  • Slide 13 - Demo Time Simple Store Application View Products Create New Products Update MSRP Audience Participation Name your demo
  • Slide 14 - Research Reference & Sites Researched ASP.NET / MVC Stephen Walther on ASP.NET MVC Phil Haack's: MVC History Lesson Scott Hanselman's Walkthrough Video Scott Gu MS Enterprise Patterns book
  • Slide 15 - Q&A Thank YouContent will be posted to Tallan’s .NET Blog Site www.DotNetReflections.com
  • Slide 16 - Thank You – We mean it… RAFFLE TIME!Content will be posted to Tallan’s .NET Blog Site www.DotNetReflections.com
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Description : Why do developers care about this framework? ,Creating a working MVC application with this Asp.net MVC PowerPoint Presentation.

Tags : mvc | model view controller | ASP DotNET | mvc design pattern | programming | programming tips | MVC structure | MVC Design Pattern | Representational State Transfer | REST

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