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PowerPoint presentation on View Alexander the Great, download now ppt of View Alexander the Great

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View Alexander the Great

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View Alexander the Great PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : PowerPoint presentation on View Alexander the Great, download now ppt of View Alexander the Great Read More

Tags : View Alexander the Great

Published on : Jan 08, 2015
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Slide 1 - Alexander The Great
Slide 2 - Macedonia
Slide 3 - Phillip II of Macedon Ruled Macedonia from 359-336 B.C. and transformed it into a powerful military machine Moved into northern Greece and met little resistance due to residual effects of Peloponnesian War By 338 he had Greece under his control
Slide 4 - The Phalanx
Slide 5 - Alexander the Great Phillip II is assassinated in 336 BCE Alexander is crowned king at age 20 Phillip II had prepared Alexander well for kingship Military Experience Tutored by Aristotle
Slide 6 - Alexander the Great Heavily influenced by Greek culture Inspired by the stories of Achilles and Hercules. Kept a dagger and a copy of the Iliad under his pillow. Wanted his accomplishments to surpass those of Hercules.
Slide 7 - Alexander’s Vision Alexander moved quickly to fulfill his father’s dream – The conquest of the Persian Empire!
Slide 8 - The Conquest Begins– Battle of Gaulgamela 331 BCE His army totaled 37,000 Greek and Macedonian men. 5,000 of which were cavalry. Had enough ships to the Dardanelles Darius III, king of Persia, called forth a massive multinational army to meet the invaders. Estimates range from 250,000-500,000
Slide 9 - The Conquests of Alexander Heavily outnumbered, Alexander crushes the Persians at the Battle of Issus. Establishes Alexandria as the Greek capitol of Egypt! Near Babylon, Alexander decisively defeats Darius! Becomes the ruler of the entire Persian Empire! 1 2 3 Alexander was still not satisfied!
Slide 10 - ppt slide no 10 content not found
Slide 11 - The Conquests of Alexander For the next three years, Alexander moves east and northeast. In 326 BCE, Alexander moves into India. Crossed Hindu Kush into norther India Hard fought campaigns-Faced soldiers on war elephants Macedonians refuse to go any farther
Slide 12 - The Conquests of Alexander Alexander’s army returned to Babylon, where he died in June 323 BCE of wounds, fever, and too much alcohol. Commanders ask to whom he would leave his immense empire: “To the strongest”
Slide 13 - The Conquests of Alexander After years of discord, three generals divided up the empire Macedonia and Greece-Macedonia Egypt-Ptolemaic Kingdom Persia-Seleucid Empire
Slide 14 - Why was Alexander so successful?? Great Military Leader Master of strategy and tactics He was fearless Led his men into battle Willing to risk his own life While in India, Alexander was the first to leap over a city wall in order to inspire his troops.
Slide 15 - 356 B.C 323 B.C 356 BC Alexander the Great is born. 338 BC Philip II Brings Greece Under his control: Battle of Chaeronea 336 BC Death of King Phillip –Crowning of Alexander the Great as ruler of Macedonia 334 BC Enough ships to pass the Dardanelles 331 BC Captured Babylon: Battle of Guagamela 326 BC Crossed Hindu Kush into India 324 BC Troops mutiny at Opis 323 BC The Death of Alexander the Great Example of a Timeline Alexander The Great
Slide 16 - Alexander’s Legacy The Marriage of East & West Founded around 20 cities bearing his name–Greatest: Alexandria Egypt From Egypt to India, Greek: Temples Statues Athletic contests
Slide 17 - Alexander’s Legacy Became the measure against which military leaders still measure themselves–military tactics still taught today Alexander the Great ushered in the Hellenistic Age – A period where Greek influence could be found throughout the known world! Local people assimilated
Slide 18 - Hellenistic Arts and Sciences: • New Philosophies Stoics: Founded by Zeno • Math and Geometry Pythagorus Archimedes • Medicine Hippocrates
Slide 19 - 133 B.C., Rome will replace Greeks as dominant power in the Middle East, yet Greek legacy remains: law freedom justice government