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Tourism Business Services PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : Available Tourism Business Services powerpoint presentation for free download which is uploaded by s... Read More

Tags : Tourism Business Services

Published on : Feb 11, 2014
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Slide 1 - Tourism & Business Services The role of services in job-creation Traded versus locally focused services traded: tourism; producer services; port & some other transport services locally focused: retail, consumer services mixed markets: wholesale, health, government
Slide 2 - Employment Change Northwest States 1980-1997 Total Change 1980-1997: 2,150,801
Slide 3 - Share of Employment Change, Pacific Northwest 1980-1997
Slide 4 - Share of PNW Total Employment
Slide 5 - Pacific Northwest Employment Change 1998-2011792,517 jobs or +12.9%
Slide 6 - PNW Total Employment
Slide 7 - PNW Share of Earnings by Industry
Slide 8 - Tourism ? What is a tourist? Versus a “recreator?” Tough to measure. Varies by state, government agency, local promotional agencies (e.g. Chambers) The National Travel Survey - Bureau of Transportation Services 1997 Shares of Total Tourist Travel: Idaho Oregon Washington Nonresident 54.5% 48.0% 36.3% Resident 45.5% 52.0% 63.7% Total 100.0% 100.0% 100.0%
Slide 9 - Source: Washington State Travel Impacts, January 2011
Slide 10 - Alaska Hawaii
Slide 11 - Alaska Hawaii
Slide 12 - Alaska Hawaii
Slide 13 - ppt slide no 13 content not found
Slide 14 - ppt slide no 14 content not found
Slide 15 - > 1 - More Washington to the state than travel here < 1 - Less Out of state travel to WA than travel by Washingtonians
Slide 16 - Characteristics of Northwest Tourists Trip Main Purpose Means of Transportation Income: Idaho & Oregon: $25K-$50 K; Washington > $50 K
Slide 17 - Tourist Expenditures Predominantly: lodging, meals, fuel/travel costs, souvenirs Level/capita inversely related to distance: Out-of-state at least $100/person/day; instate ca. $50/day Seasonality of local tourism - fiscal impacts; role in regional development Business versus tourist/leisure travel outlays
Slide 18 - Washington State Average Travel Spending Source: Washington State Travel Impacts, Jan 2011
Slide 19 - Positioning the travel industry: Source: Washington State Travel Impacts, January 2011
Slide 20 - Tourism in the Northwest put in Perspective WA CTED Report: $15 Billion but out of a $300 Billion Local Economy: ? 3rd Largest Industry Status No national “superstar” destinations, but a lot of hot spots--Oregon Coast, Culture like the Ring Cycle, Skiing, National Parks, and The Museum of Flight Subergions with relatively strong non-business tourism dependence - amenity counties, Interstate corridors, federal lands, cities (see Map 16-16 in Atlas)
Slide 21 - Port of Seattle Recent Cargo History Source: Port of Seattle TEU = Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit Cargo Container
Slide 22 - Major West Coast Port TEU’s TEU = Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit (Cargo container) Source: American Association of Port Authorities
Slide 23 - Port of Seattle Cruise Ship Passengers Source: Port of Seattle Cruise Seattle 2014 Fact Sheet
Slide 24 - Sea-Tac Airport Passenger Statistics 2012 – 33,223,111 passengers
Slide 25 - A New Big Kid on the Block: Amazon Part of the Non-store retailer industry, that also includes REI & Nordstrom Diversifying into selling everything – space on the “cloud,” books & diverse retail, a wide variety of services Current Seattle area employment about 15,000, less than 1/3 that of Microsoft, including a large research & development staff Growing rapidly, with huge real estate investment and construction impacts
Slide 26 - Amazon South Lake Union Footprint Seattle Times Jan. 25, 2014
Slide 27 - Producer Services Why the rapid growth? (1) Growth in intermediate demands (2) Growth in final demands (3) Slow productivity improvement (4) Trade in Services & Import Substitution An An overview of some key trends - Atlas: shows the concentrated nature of these services--but their growth is as rapid in rural as the urban Northwest.
Slide 28 - Washington State Producer Services Average Growth All Industries
Slide 29 - Washington State Producer Services Source: Census County Business Patterns and Nonemployer Statistics
Slide 30 - 2011 Wage & Salary and Self-Employment Producer Services
Slide 31 - Reasons for Producer Service Locations
Slide 32 - Startups are driven by a vision of business opportunities
Slide 33 - Niche Examples
Slide 34 - Most Companies are dynamic in changing their services, driven by changes in IT and a variety of related factors
Slide 35 - Demand & Competitive Advantage Demand: It is predominantly related to the lack of expertise by clients, by their infrequent need for the service, the need for 3rd party info, and a host of other non-cost related reasons. Competitive Advantage: Created by firms pursuing the flip-side of demand forces: Differentiation, specialization, niching, collaboration, use of specialized subcontractors, etc. Not Cost.
Slide 36 - Producer Services have considerable Nonlocal Markets, but….
Slide 37 - Producer Service Businesses have Bifurcated Markets: They Tend to be Local or Export
Slide 38 - Recognition of Producer Services as a Part of the Economic Base Historic metro concentration Recent rural deconcentration Role in “Edge Cities” The “New Economy.” --Producer Services as a progenitor to the New Economy: now multimedia, online retail, .com, .org, .edu; telemedicine, teleservices, tele?; content providers; media conduits; delivery agents, etc.
Slide 39 - The Traded-Dimension of Producer Service Businesses is Expanding Over Time Localized firms mirror the trend for Lone Eagles/High Fliers
Slide 40 - Face to Face Communication Is Key and is Not Diminishing in Its Importance
Slide 41 - Implications for Settlements for the New Economy ? Will IT fuel decentralization of work? ? Or, will the power of agglomerations ?continue? To win out? ? What will happen to Edge Cities? Central Cities? What difference does it make where we focus on….Friday Harbor, Roslyn, Enterprise, Driggs, Missoula, Bellevue, Bend, Beaverton, Darrington, Sun City, Corvallis New Points?
Slide 42 - So, where is Tourism, Producer Services and Other Services Headed in the Northwest? Will we just be more urbanized? What will the impact of Growth Management Policies be on Geographical development Trends? Can regions really affect the “drivers” of their development? If not, what other forces are at play?
Slide 43 - Old Slides Follow Left in for reference purposes only
Slide 44 - Pacific Northwest Employment Change 1998-2006+910,381 jobs or +14.7%
Slide 45 - Pacific Northest Employment Change 2006-2010-205,084 jobs or -3.7%
Slide 46 - Shares of Wage & Salary + Proprietor Income (Excludes farms)
Slide 47 - Share of Total Employment Washington, Oregon & Idaho