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THE ZEBRA PowerPoint Presentation

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Published on : Jun 04, 2015
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Slide 1 - THE ZEBRA
Slide 2 - Is it White with Black stripes? Or…
Slide 3 - Black with White Stripes?
Slide 4 - OBJECTIVES Learn about 3 types of zebras Be able to describe each zebra by Origin Characteristics Habitat Habits Design your own zebra
Slide 5 - Let’s find out all about zebras!
Slide 6 - 3 Types of Zebras Grevy’s Plains Mountain
Slide 7 - Where do Zebras Come From? Grey’s - Ethiopia, Kenya & Somalia Plains - South Africa Mountain - Sudan
Slide 8 - Grevy’s Most distinct Closely spaced stripes Belly all white Hooves have stripes Brays
Slide 9 - Plains Zebra Stout build Average weight is 550 pounds Buff color with black stripes that are varied Barks
Slide 10 - Mountain Zebra Broad Stripes Stripes don’t meet at belly Skin flap at throat Brays
Slide 11 - Habitat Grasslands in Africa
Slide 12 - Habits Zebra life span is about 20 years Live in same herd Male: Stallion Female: Mare Baby: Foal
Slide 13 - Social Habits Dust bathing helps groom the zebra
Slide 14 - Social Animal Nose to Nose Rest in pairs Head resting Play fighting
Slide 15 - ppt slide no 15 content not found
Slide 16 - Predators Lions Spotted Hyenas Click here! To see how Zebra’s use their stripes as camouflage
Slide 17 - What color would you zebra be?
Slide 18 - Mrs. Schroepfer’s Zebra
Slide 19 - THE END