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PowerPoint presentation on The Urban Barbecue, download now ppt of The Urban Barbecue

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The Urban Barbecue

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The Urban Barbecue PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : PowerPoint presentation on The Urban Barbecue, download now ppt of The Urban Barbecue Read More

Tags : The Urban Barbecue

Published on : Jan 08, 2015
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Slide 1 - The Urban Barbecue
Slide 2 - Our Mission Design a grill for indoor use that is safe portable compact comparable to an outdoor barbecue grill in its taste benefits
Slide 3 - Pur-Aire FiltrationTM
Slide 4 - Market Positioning Target Customer City dwellers living in residences without ready access to outdoor areas Trends in the Market Interest in gourmet cooking Kitchen as the modern “family room” Stylish kitchen appliances
Slide 5 - Potential Market Households in Housing Units with >= 5 units in structure Total Potential Market 15,859,000 Income over $35K/year 48.8% Market for target income 7,739,192 Living in urban area 75.2% Total Target Market 5,819,872 source: Statistical Abstract of the United States, 1997 Ed.
Slide 6 - Product Economics Unit Cost $29.89 (wholesale at $49.98) 3 years to penetrate market Sales: 115K units/year Price Point: $99.95 basic outdoor (Weber, $49.95) high-end kitchen appliances (The Urban Barbecue, $100) Stove-top (Jenn-air, >$600)
Slide 7 - Functional Benefits The Urban BBQ boasts an impressive list of features, including… Polished stainless steel construction One-touch electrical ignition Easy-on/easy-off butane fuel canister Quick disassembly for cleaning and storage Dishwasher-safe components Compact, lightweight
Slide 8 - Safety Features The Urban BBQ is designed for the safety of you and your family with... Stable base unit Proprietary Pur-Aire™ filter system to remove odor and smoke Non-volatile butane/propane fuel mixture Heat-insulated safety contacts on base and handles
Slide 9 - BBQ Statistics 55% of grill owners say their next purchase will be a gas grill (29% say a charcoal grill) 54% of non-family households own a grill In 1995 there were 74 million BBQ households, up from 63 million in 1987 -Barbecue Industry Association
Slide 10 - What People Are Saying “It’s nice enough to put on my kitchen counter.” “The style is good, reminds me of a Weber, but nicer.” “I would want it to look sturdier.” “It’s important that it heats up quickly.”
Slide 11 - “No matter how safe it is, I wouldn’t want a plastic BBQ.” “The size is good. It looks like a tiny space ship.” “It definitely needs handles…you could even move it to the kitchen table.”