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The Mosque - Masjid PowerPoint Presentation

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  • Slide 1 - The Mosque - Masjid
  • Slide 2 - The Mosque - Masjid To know the features of a mosque To explain their meaning To evaluate why Muslims need a mosque Muslims believe that they are allowed to pray anywhere. So why do they need a Mosque ?
  • Slide 3 - What do these pictures tell you about what a Muslim does when he goes to a mosque? Match them to the place where they happen. A. Call to prayer from a tall... C. Ritual washing – (wudu) B. Taking off shoes E. (Friday) prayers. Muslims perform “ruka” actions in time with each other. F. Imam preaches and leads prayers tower called the Minaret men’s/ women’s wudu areas sitting in a minrab – a pulpit with stairs leading up to it entrance hall prayer hall Write out what a Muslim does when he hears the call to prayer on Friday, adding in the location it happens in. When a Muslim hears the call to prayer from the Minaret, he goes to the Mosque and enters the..…Then he goes to the…where he…. **The Imam does not sit on the highest step of a minrab. Why do you think that is?
  • Slide 4 - Draw your own plan of a mosque adding the labels. Then add detail to your labels. G B C E D G Minbar - pulpit Minaret - tower women’s wudu area men’s wudu area Shoe rack Dome Entrance hall Mihrab –points the way to Mecca A F H ** Why would you not find statues in a mosque? ***Draw what the mosque would look like from the outside. Add detail to your labels: For ritual washing before prayer Represents the dome of the heavens – the universe in which God is the Ruler Is where the Muezzin makes the call to prayer Is where the Imam preaches from Points the way to Mecca Removing them shows respect as you are a guest in God’s house
  • Slide 5 - Virtual Tour Identify the following features on the tour Minaret (tower) Minbar (pulpit) Mihrab (alcove)
  • Slide 6 - Functions of a Mosque An important place for worship and performing Salat. (Especially on a Friday). The Mosque is the place where the Muslim community can come together. Many people eat there and can even stay the night. Muslims believe that they are allowed to pray anywhere. So why do they need a Mosque ?
  • Slide 7 - Hangman..
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