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View and free download The Heart vs The Brain powerpoint presentation which is uploaded by search an active user in belonging ppt presentation Health & Wellness category.

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The Heart vs The Brain

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The Heart vs The Brain PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : View and free download The Heart vs The Brain powerpoint presentation which is uploaded by search an... Read More

Tags : The Heart vs The Brain

Published on : Dec 06, 2013
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Slide 1 - Kaitlin Abbate Artificial Pacemaker: The Heart
Slide 2 - The Healthy Heart Natural Pacemaker: Sinoatrial Node (SA node) Located in the right atrium Sends electric impulses from atriums to ventricles which causes them to contract
Slide 3 - Contractions are what allows blood to flow What happens when SA node does not work properly? Blood cannot flow like it should, so we need a substitute…
Slide 4 - The Artificial Pacemaker! A small device placed in the chest to control abnormal heart rhythms Uses a computer memory to generate electronic signals at the right pace Doctors pre-determine the “right pace” and it can be adjusted at any time
Slide 5 - Who needs a pacemaker? Atrial Fibrillation: heart beats very rapidly and chaotically Not life threatening itself but may lead to stroke or chest pain Bradycardia: heart beats too slowly Caused by age or heart block Heart Blockthe electrical signal is slowed or disrupted as it moves through chambers of heart Caused by a heart attack or muscular dystrophy
Slide 6 - Anyone else? Yes! Syncope: “the common faint” Heart rate sometimes becomes very slow Heart Failure: heart cannot supply enough blood to meet body’s needs Caused by heart disease, hypertension, cardiomyopathy
Slide 7 - What does a pacemaker look like? Composed of TWO main parts Generator (battery) Leads (wires)
Slide 8 - The Generator Acts as a very small computer Sends out sparks of electricity that trigger the heart to beat Also records heart’s electrical activity and heart rhythm so doctors can better adjust the pacemaker. This way, each pacemaker works according to individual needs
Slide 9 - The Leads Wires threaded through veins and attached to heart muscle, carrying the impulses Single Chamber: one lead in ventricle OR atria Dual Chamber: one lead in ventricle AND atria Biventricular: one lead in atria and one lead in EACH ventricle
Slide 10 - Single Chambered Dual Chambered
Slide 11 - The Surgery Overview Requires MINOR surgery Takes 2-3 hours Generally, NOT put to sleep However, most children are for obvious reasons Stay in hospital overnight Return to normal activities a few days after surgery
Slide 12 - The Actual Procedure Inject local numbing medication Put needle in a large vein in shoulder Thread the leads of pacemaker through the needle and into correct places in heart muscle Cut a small hole into skin of chest and place pacemaker battery just under skin Connect the wires to the battery and test Sew ‘em up!
Slide 13 - Located just under the skin…
Slide 14 - Life Post-Pacemaker Electrical Devices can interfere! Cell phones, ipods Microwaves Metal detectors Electrical generators However, only long periods of contact really have an impact Also, this danger is lowered with newer devices
Slide 15 - Limited Physical Activity? Not really! One can pretty much participate in sports, and even strenuous exercises Still, ask your doctor though, cases may vary However, full contact sports should always be avoided do not want to disrupt the battery or move any wires BAD
Slide 16 - Pacemaker Maintenance Pacemakers do not last forever Battery actually last between 5-15 years with 6-8 years being average Wires usually last a little longer All depends on how active the pacemaker is Regular check-ups with doctor are a must to make sure the battery/wires are up to par
Slide 17 - Pacemakers for Pets! Used for the same reasons and same types Usually less expensive Pacemakers used are actually ones that power source is below acceptable limits for people Implanted generally the same way Except most wires inserted through jugular vein rather than shoulder vein simply because bodies differ Animals that have been able to accept pacemakers so far: Dogs, cats Cows, bulls Horses Sheep, goats
Slide 18 - The End!
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