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Test Machine PowerPoint Presentation

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testresources By : testresources

On : Jul 16, 2014

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Test Machine
Presentation Transcript

  • Slide 1 - Test Machines TestResources, Inc. is led by experienced engineers, focused on helping customers solve their mechanical testing problems for almost 20 years. With a reputation as creative problem solvers, we have already delivered innovative solutions to almost 2000 customers located in over 25 countries - including some of the largest companies (link to customer page) in the world. Our diverse customer base consists of everyone from big-names to start-ups.
  • Slide 2 - 830 Series Axial Torsion Electrodynamic Test Machine 830 series Electrodynamic axial torsion test systems are used for axial, torsional and biaxial or combined mode static, fatigue and dynamic tests common to medical device, orthopedic research, and product testing applications. Electrodynamic axial torsion fatigue testers perform loading consisting of combined linear and rotary motion. They can be optionally configured with 2nd station hardware and the user can then reconfigure a single station machine into two independent stations - one torsional and the other axial. The controller performs static and dynamic mechanical tests, including material characterization and fatigue life testing. These all electric test machines include actuators configured to force, speed and travel requirements, digital high resolution servo controller, and test control, measurement and analysis software. An axial torsion load cell ensures high accuracy measurement and control. Test grips and fixtures are mounted to the load call and machine baseplate. The system is capable of constant speed, load rate, high speed one time impact, and high speed load controlled fatigue tests.
  • Slide 3 - Temperature Controlled Saline 37C | BioBath BB Series BioBath Environmental systems are modular systems that are added to mechanical testing machines to enable tests of biological samples, biomaterials and medical implants in saline environments at 37C. The BioBath product line offers a complete modular package approach including test machine adaptors to enable their use on most test machines. Optional accessories include test grips , platens, fixtures, and extensometers. The bath chamber is acrylic and sized to match customer load frame, fixturing or test sample size requirements. Media temperature is tightly controlled with both static noncirculating and circulating versions available. Standard 37C test environments are commonly needed for testing medical and biological materials, products and implants. Common tests include static tensile, compression, flexural, fracture, peel and adhesion. Fatigue tests of implants are also common.
  • Slide 4 - For more information please visit http://www.testresources.net
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Description : TestResources, Inc. is led by experienced engineers, focused on helping customers solve their mechanical testing problems for almost 20 years.

Tags : Fatigue test machine | Compression test machine | Tensile test equipment