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Available Switzerland and Austria powerpoint presentation for free download which is uploaded by honey an active user in belonging ppt presentation Travel & Tourism category.

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Switzerland and Austria

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Switzerland and Austria PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : Available Switzerland and Austria powerpoint presentation for free download which is uploaded by hon... Read More

Tags : Switzerland and Austria

Published on : Feb 11, 2014
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Slide 1 - Switzerland and Austria
Slide 2 - Similarities Alps neutral Not a member of NATO Landlocked
Slide 3 - Switzerland 3 different official languages Federal Republic Absorbing other cultures Identity
Slide 4 - History 1291 Wars with Austria 1513-Swiss Confederation 1515 lesson
Slide 5 - 1798-Napoleon occupation and later forced out Remained a neutral country since and no other foreign invasions
Slide 6 - Culture 26 “different” cantons Powerful Lags behind in social gender equality
Slide 7 - Government Confederation federal responsibility for defense, trade, and legal matters
Slide 8 - Economy national identity high standards of living Few natural resources Highly skilled labor force in manufacturing Dairy, cattle Tourism
Slide 9 - per capita GDP of $75,835 2010 highest wealth per adult of any country in the world --$372,692
Slide 10 - ppt slide no 10 content not found
Slide 11 - Austria Separated from Hungary after WWI German 1866 - Austro-Hungarian empire
Slide 12 - Challenge Rebuilding post-Cold War Mountainous Population concentration in eastern lowlands
Slide 13 - Future Manufacturing machine tools, chemicals, and textiles Cattle breeding Dairy Mineral resources: iron ore, magnesite, aluminum, copper,and lead Vienna-population decreasing
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