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Sex and Relationships PowerPoint Presentation

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On : Dec 06, 2013

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  • Slide 1 - Sex and Relationships A positive Christian Vision By Fr Dan Benedetti mgl
  • Slide 2 - That little word “sex” What do we mean when we talk about sex Sexual Intercourse Sexuality/Sexual identity/Gender Sexual Intercourse isn’t just a physical action, its a way of communicating/a language
  • Slide 3 - A Positive Christian Vision Conceived & Born “sexy” Deeply part of my identity: show baby pic Mystery: physical, psych, spiritual I cannot be human without being sexual Created in the image and likeness of God (Gen 1) Is God sexual? Yes! God is sex to the max! God created it, it is good and beautiful
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  • Slide 5 - Continued... Gen 2: the original WOW; man looks upon the woman, mutual attraction, search for intimacy/union; complementarity; gift of sexual urge Naked without shame: my body is a symbol of spirit When man decided to turn away from God it began a destructive cycle includes the abusing of sexuality Sex(uality) is sacred; “Body is a temple of the Holy Spirit”, powerful, fragile All called to Chastity: “The right ordering of our sexuality acc to state of life (Married, Single, Celibate)
  • Slide 6 - Sex is for marriage God has a plan: “Life to the Full!” The bond/union of marriage Vows: I give myself to you completely, forever (with God’s help!) Every sacrament has “words” and “actions”: vows and intercourse (sign of the vows) Joy of physical/spiritual/psych intimacy AND the openness to conception (children)
  • Slide 7 - Some of Aussie society’s messages Nike philosophy: just do it If it feels good do it, as long as I don’t hurt anyone If can do it, do it: Matthew Johns & sport culture Everybody’s doing it; everyone on TVs is doing it Sex before marriage is ok (even healthy), masturbation and porn is normal and to be encouraged Got to look sexy/beautiful (Dove video) “Safe sex, no regrets”: false sense of security (ad campaign)
  • Slide 8 - Some consequences... Devaluing of Sexual Intercourse as a special gift to a special person. Then we ourselves are devalued. Sex used to make money Lack of trust, sex not a sign of our commitment but just a fun thing to do (Leunig pic) Use the power of my sexuality to use or manipulate others: person becomes an object “Up the ante”: people not satisfied with “normal” intercourse, all sorts of strange activities, even child porn, child sexual abuse and bestiality; sex therapists
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  • Slide 10 - Whose voices are you hearing? No matter if we realize it or not we are all being shaped/taught/formed by people and groups... Media: TV, movies, internet... Social scene: friends, parties, school... What about God? Parents? Older people? Church teaching? Professionals? Strong Christian friends Movements: Chastity ring; True Love Waits (Jason Stevens)...
  • Slide 11 - Called to Love What does it mean to really love someone? Sex should be about loving, respecting and thinking about the other person Learn about who we are as adults and how we can make good decisions about sexual situations Teenage life is about exploration but that can be dangerous (sexual experience too early can hurt) Men are generally more aroused by sight, women by touch God is there with mercy, encouragement, healing, vision for the future: desire to become a mature christian man or woman
  • Slide 12 - 5 love languages So many ways to love! 1. Affirmation 2. Physical touch 3. Quality time 4. Acts of Service 5. Giving/receiving Gifts Some people have one or more of these as their dominant way of loving

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