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Available Robotics and Surgery powerpoint presentation for free download which is uploaded by steve an active user in belonging ppt presentation Science & Technology category.

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robotic butler | robotics | new technology | future technology | future tech | robot | robotic surgery

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Robotics and Surgery PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : Available Robotics and Surgery powerpoint presentation for free download which is uploaded by steve ... Read More

Tags : robotic butler | robotics | new technology | future technology | future tech | robot | robotic surgery

Published on : Aug 07, 2014
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Slide 1 - Robotics and Surgery Andrea Blust Sefcheck Penn State University School of Nursing Nursing 457: Nursing Informatics
Slide 2 - Objectives To inform viewers of the uses of Robotics in Surgery and the increasing use of the trend To better understand the hardware and software used in the DaVinci Surgical System To understand the software and hardware used in the surgical system along with the usability of the product To understand how the Nurse is involved in robotic surgery To inform about the advantages and disadvantages To better understand the Ethical and Legal issues involved
Slide 3 - Robotics Robots do not actually replace humans, they improve their ability to operate through small incisions that are being made Computer assisted surgeries are used in neurosurgery, orthopedics, urology, and cardiology (Au, 2009)
Slide 4 - Robotics and Surgery Computer Assisted Surgery Image guided surgery Offers a way of viewing the different tissues while performing surgery Robotic surgery: Requires a surgical robot Surgeon may or may not have a direct role (Au, 2009)
Slide 5 - Nursing Role Robotics nurse specialist New role created for perioperative to create positive team and patient outcome Nurse trained to make observations and bring concerns to the appropriate staff member to be resolved Ensures instrument care Assists intraoperatively (Francis, 2006)
Slide 6 - Hardware DaVinci Surgical System Endowrist Instruments
Slide 7 - Hardware Davinci Surgical System Ergonomic surgeons console 4 Interactive robotic arms High performance vision system Endowrist Instruments Provide maximum responsiveness Wrist-like movements User-friendly
Slide 8 - Software Master/Slave Stereoscopic vision system Redundant sensors
Slide 9 - Software Master/Slave software that provides control Stereoscopic vision display Redundant sensors to make the operation safe
Slide 10 - Usability Early and Central focus on user Iterative Design Observations of users
Slide 11 - Advantages and Disadvantages (Au, 2009) Source: Table from Howe, RD, Matsuoka, Y. “Robotics for Surgery.” Annual Review Biomedical Engineering. 1999, 01:213.
Slide 12 - Information System Telesurgery Surgical Navigation
Slide 13 - Information System Review of Robotic Surgery Type? Special Purpose Who? Surgeons and OR nurses How? Images Mechanical, etc. What? Robotic surgical system
Slide 14 - Advantages of Robotic Surgery Shorter Recovery Period Smaller Incisions Less Invasive Decreased Pain Level Post Operatively (Chua, 2009)
Slide 15 - Disadvantages of Robotic Surgery Robots have poor judgment Expensive to obtain and also to fix Limited dexterity and hand eye coordination (Au, 2009)
Slide 16 - Legal and Ethical Issues Privileges Insurance Physician Movement Confidentiality
Slide 17 - Competencies Surgical System Hardware Software Patient Care
Slide 18 - Informatics Nurse Specialist Surgical System Patient Care
Slide 19 - Robotic Surgery
Slide 20 - References Au, K. (2009). Robotic-Assisted Surgery. Retrieved June 2, 2009, from Robotic Surgery Web site: 8_2005_Groups/04/contact.html Berlinger, N. (2006, May, 18). Robotic Surgery - Squeezing into Tight Places. The New England Journal of Medicine, 354, Retrieved July 9, 2009, from Chua, P. (2009, May 25). Minimally Invasive Surgery. Cebu Daily News, Retrieved July 9, 2009, from 207001/Minimally-invasive-surgery Dickens, B, & Cook, R (2006). Legal and ethical issues in telemedicine. International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics, 94, 73-78. Francis, P. (2006, March). The evolution of robotics in surgery and implementing a perioperative robotics nurse specialist role. Retrieved June 2, 2009, from AORN Web site: 2092(06)60191-9/fulltext Intuitive Surgical, (2008). DaVinci Surgery. Retrieved June 23, 2009, from DaVinci Surgery Web site: surgery/davinci- surgical-system/