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Available River Danube (Pollution) powerpoint presentation for free download which is uploaded by search an active user in belonging ppt presentation Social Issues category.

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River Danube (Pollution)

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River Danube (Pollution) PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : Available River Danube (Pollution) powerpoint presentation for free download which is uploaded by se... Read More

Tags : River Danube (Pollution)

Published on : Feb 10, 2014
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Slide 1 - Aim: To assess how sustainable our use of water is. Key words Sustainable Water supply Pollution Causes Diffuse source Management strategies Conflict
Slide 2 - How do we spoil our water?
Slide 3 - How do we spoil our water? Economic Activities such as agriculture and energy production (hydro and nuclear power) Untreated waste flowing into rivers from industry Runoff from fields carries chemicals and slurry into rivers Ships using the river to transport goods pollute the river with waste / oil / fuel Pollution from mineral extraction e.g. coal / oil / uranium All pollute the River Danube, making it one of the most polluted rivers in Europe.
Slide 4 - The River Danube Describe the location of the River Danube Use Figure 3 p169 to help. Remember to use excellent geographical language. Extension: What is the difference between a diffuse and a point source of pollution?
Slide 5 - Think about the location of the River Danube. What issues are there?
Slide 6 - Cause – Effect – Management solutionsof Pollution in the River Danube Causes Effects Management Solutions
Slide 7 - Cause – Effect – Management solutionsof Pollution in the River Danube Causes 30th Jan 2000 cyanide leaked from a gold mine reservoir. (Point source) Reached R Tisza 1 week later 2 weeks later it Reached the River Danube at Belgrade Effects Fish stocks in R Tisza Poisoned Water used for Agriculture, therefore People also affected. 85 million people live in Drainage basin that Depend on river for Water, navigation etc Environment degraded Wildlife affected Management Solutions Strategic Action Plan Set up. (SAP) Accident emergency warning system ‘Danube Watch’ to improve public awareness Regional management co-operation Transnational monitoring Wetland and nature conservation Promotion of sustainable water use Reducing the use of fertilizers + pesticides
Slide 8 - In groups, plan an answer to the following PPQ: For a named pollution incident that you have studied in an MEDC: Outline the causes of the incident and Describe the strategies used to deal with the pollution (9 marks)