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Question - How Does an Airplane Fly PowerPoint Presentation

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On : Jun 04, 2015

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  • Slide 1 - Air Transportation How Does an Airplane Fly?
  • Slide 2 - Paper Planes Create a paper airplane Choose a paper airplane from the following site and fold it according to instructions. You will be asked to identify the type of plane chosen and its capabilities or limitations. http://www.paperairplanes.co.uk/planes.php
  • Slide 3 - Exploration Assignment Create a Timeline Open MS Word (paper in landscape mode) and create a timeline identifying key historical milestones about air transportation. Include date and historical event Must have a minimum of 15 events Also include current and proposed designs of air transportation Date/event
  • Slide 4 - So What Makes an Airplane Fly?
  • Slide 5 - Forces Acting on an Airplane LIFT THRUST DRAG GRAVITY
  • Slide 6 - Aerodynamic Forces Thrust- forward driving force of a propeller, or the forward force produced by gases escaping rearward from a jet or rocket engine Lift- the upward acting force that causes the plane to rise Drag- the resistance force of friction produced by air and water Gravity- downward force pulling everything to center of earth
  • Slide 7 - How is Lift Generated? First note: Air is a fluid, so it adheres to the physical properties of all fluids Air must be in motion Second note: Slow moving air creates high pressure under wing Faster moving air creates low pressure above the wing
  • Slide 8 - ppt slide no 8 content not found
  • Slide 9 - Control Surfaces for Maneuvering An airplane uses control surfaces for maneuvering the airplane
  • Slide 10 - Axis of Rotation Elevator controls “Pitch” around the lateral axis http://www.ehow.co.uk/video_4411879_pitch-movement-airplane.html Aileron controls “Roll” around the longitudinal axis http://www.ehow.co.uk/video_4411880_roll-movement-airplane.html Rudder controls “Yaw” around the vertical axis http://www.ehow.co.uk/video_4411881_yaw-movement-airplane.html
  • Slide 11 - Crossword puzzle Complete the Crossword Puzzle using your notes

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