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Available Pollution Overview powerpoint presentation for free download which is uploaded by honey an active user in belonging ppt presentation Social Issues category.

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Pollution Overview

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Pollution Overview PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : Available Pollution Overview powerpoint presentation for free download which is uploaded by honey an... Read More

Tags : Pollution Overview

Published on : Feb 10, 2014
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Slide 18 - Poisonous Chemicals Chemicals can be very poisonous which can harm the earth, people and animals. It can poison people and animals which can kill that person or animal.
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Slide 42 - Waste Waste is trash and things we throw away. Too much garbage in the land fill. People spend their money on cleaning waste up!
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Slide 47 - The End We hope you enjoyed our show about pollution. Please do your part to keep our earth clean and healthy for everyone. Thank you