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Available POLLUTION MOTHS AND BICYCLES powerpoint presentation for free download which is uploaded by search an active user in belonging ppt presentation Social Issues category.

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Description : Available POLLUTION MOTHS AND BICYCLES powerpoint presentation for free download which is uploaded b... Read More


Published on : Feb 10, 2014
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Slide 1 - Pollution & Evolution How human pollution impacts the survival of species on earth.
Slide 2 - Benefits of Active Transportation Exercise, clean air, no traffic, and fun!
Slide 3 - Charles Darwin Natural Selection Evolution & Extinction
Slide 4 - Natural Selection, Evolution, Extinction Species best adapted to environment survives. When environment changes species evolve or go extinct.
Slide 5 - Today, you are a bird. And there is nothing birds like better than fat, juicy moths. You will catch them with your “Beak” There are two colors of moths.
Slide 6 - 2 Peppered Moths Both taste good. Both have equal nutritional value. Your job? Eat as many moths as you can in 60 seconds.
Slide 7 - THE RULES One ‘Beak’ (tweezers) 60 seconds. Catch as many moths as you can and put them in the cup. At the end, tally up all your moths by color, and fill out the tally sheet provided.
Slide 8 - Moth Tally Sheet ON BLACK # Black Moths caught # Pepper caught Total caught = % Black (Black/Total) %Peppered (Peppered/Total) ON PEPPER # Black Moths caught # Pepper caught Total caught = % Black (Black/Total) %Peppered (Peppered/Total)
Slide 9 - What did you notice? Which color moth did you get more of on the peppered background? What about on the black background? Why do you think that is? Which moth color would survive better?
Slide 10 - The Real Peppered Moth Hard to see? The peppered moth uses CAMOUFLAGE, the same color and pattern as the bark of the trees.
Slide 11 - “Black” Peppered Moth Which is easier to see? The fact that it probably gets eaten more is NATURAL SELECTION. Black moths were rare! Only 1 black moth had ever been documented.
Slide 12 - Manchester, England- Air Pollution In the early 1800’s, the INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION began. Factories were powered by burning coal (a oil based fossil fuel). Burning of coal created heavy soot pollution. It “snowed” black ashes.
Slide 13 - Soot Covered EVERYTHING. Black moths became 98% of the population.
Slide 14 - Pollution changes our environment. Smog (smoke fog) is a problem. Look at LA! Air pollution has dangers you can’t see: Carbon Dioxide
Slide 15 - CO2 - Invisible Pollution Carbon Dioxide , CO2 is a clear gas that occurs when anything is burnt. Too much CO2 makes the planet warmer, faster than species can adapt. If the environment warms a few degrees, many species will go extinct.
Slide 16 - Severe CO2 causing “shortness of breath” Ask the cyclists of the first “Tour of Beijing.” The CO2 was at least 5x the legal limit in Europe. Riders complained that there was not enough oxygen to breath.
Slide 17 - Carbon Dioxide Demonstration Can we see an invisible gas? CO2 that is HEAVIER than most gases in the atmosphere. CO2 will “sink” creating a bottom layer of gas.
Slide 18 - What does CO2 do to other species? CO2 adds to Global Climate Change Changing the environment means many species will go extinct. Unlike natural selection, we are causing the extinction.
Slide 19 - Can humans go extinct??? What do humans need to survive? No one knows how the climate will react to the greenhouse gases.
Slide 20 - The best way to reduce air pollution & CO2? Transportation Walk, bike, carpool, and take public transport. Avoid unnecessary trips! 61% of Carbon Dioxide emissions in Marin County are from vehicles. Electric engines also help reduce CO2.
Slide 21 - Conclusion Pollution can greatly impact life Charles Darwin Natural Selection Extinction Evolution Peppered Moths