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Orientation and Event Planning Workshop for Experienced Event PowerPoint Presentation

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On : Jan 08, 2015

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  • Slide 1 - Orientation Workshop for Returning Student Leaders Presented by the Office of Student Life and Development 2013-2014
  • Slide 2 - Workshop Goals Update students with changes in the campus policies Highlight important skills returning leaders need Identify areas of concern returning leaders have
  • Slide 3 - Annual Registration of Student Organizations Organization Registration via BeachSync ARCA and FAAR forms complete registration Eligibility Undergrads 6 units; Grads 3 units 2.0 GPA and no probation of any kind No more than 150 UG units/50 Grad units Orientation Workshop Org’s reg. must be updated & be listed as Officer Must attend annually
  • Slide 4 - Proactive Leadership Read and Research Communication Timelines and Deadlines Policies and Procedures
  • Slide 5 - Scheduling Deadlines Filing forms, completion of program details and marketing must be met before the program can be approved by your SLD Advisor: major programs, concerts, speakers, conferences – Approval 4 weeks prior to program workshops, seminars, events being catered, hot food sales, student filming – Approval 2 weeks prior to program General Meeting Rooms – no music, no singing, no disruptions, tables/chairs cannot be moved – no deadline Events may not be scheduled during final examination period
  • Slide 6 - Posting Regulations Event must be approved by your SLD Advisor prior to the release of any program publicity. IDENTIFICATION OF PUBLICITY All publicity must state the sponsoring organization, name of programs and date, time, location and contact for the event. TIME LIMITS All publicity material may be posted no more than seven school days prior to the event and must be removed no later than three days following the event.
  • Slide 7 - Posting Regulations FLYERS No approval needed to post on kiosks POSTERS, SPECIAL EVENT SIGNS & BANNERS 25 posters on stakes, OR 20 special event signs, and three (banners) per event maximum. SLD approval required. POSTING in the USU Besides any approvals needed from SLD, approval is also required from ASI Marketing, USU-312.
  • Slide 8 - Bank Accounts ASI Agency Account – Fiscal Workshop or Test Required ASI Grant Account – Fiscal Workshop Required No off campus accounts Contracts with Service Providers Signatures & Submission Deadline 1 week prior $1000 and less 2 weeks prior over $1000 Approved Vendor Policy
  • Slide 9 - Fundraising & Scholarships See your SLD Advisor if your student organization is planning on fundraising or offering a scholarship(s) to CSULB students: Cash Donation Process T.V. Show Taping Process Gift In Kind Donation Process Scholarship Process
  • Slide 11 - BeachSync BeachSync is the CSULB version of OrgSync, a powerful Community Management Software (CMS).  All student organizations will be utilizing BeachSync for their organization’s annual registration. Allows student orgs to list events, maintain calendar entries, upload photos/videos, communicate and design website for your student organization
  • Slide 12 - Important Things to Remember See you SLD Advisor early and often Your SLD Advisor is a valuable resource Your events may not to approved if you don’t abide by the scheduling deadlines Keep your organization’s BeachSync information updated Make sure you are listed as an “Officer” on your organization’s BeachSync registration page Abide by deadlines Event Planning and Reservation Contracts with Service Providers
  • Slide 13 - Your Feedback Returning Officer What has your experience as a student leader been like? Any challenges? USU-CEC, EMS, Venue Operators; SLD Advisors and Office; AS Business Office; BeachSync
  • Slide 14 - Questions? Your name will be forwarded on to Venue Operators within 3 business days Make sure you are listed as an “Officer” on your organization’s BeachSync registration page Any Questions?
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