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Oracle Beehive-NCOAUG PowerPoint Presentation

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On : Mar 14, 2014

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  • Slide 1 - Oracle Beehive Vivek Pavle Orabyte LLC www.orabyte.com Orabyte
  • Slide 2 - Challenges of Collaboration Orabyte Disjointed Systems and hence maintenance efforts Massive amount of Information Geographical, Policy restrictions Data Duplication and decentralization Regulatory Compliance Tool Centric
  • Slide 3 - Oracle Beehive Orabyte Email Workflow Calendar IM Content File Server
  • Slide 4 - What Beehive Offers.. Orabyte Unified platform for all collboration needs Makes Teams work more efficiently increasing productivity. It is task/user/team oriented. Data is centralized, easily managable and secure. Provides intuitive, rich set of collboration tools Faster Response Time which avoids process slowdown.
  • Slide 5 - Oracle Beehive Orabyte OracleDatabase BeehiveServices
  • Slide 6 - Beehive Collaboration Services Orabyte Content Management Services Discussions Service E-mail Service Instant Message Services Time Management Services Voice Message Service
  • Slide 7 - Beehive Supported Protocols Orabyte Calendaring Extensions for WebDAV (CalDAV) Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) Open Mobile Alliance Data Synchronization (OMA-DS) Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV)
  • Slide 8 - Beehive Enterprise Services Orabyte Mobility Services Search Service Subscription and Notification Services Workspace Services
  • Slide 9 - Beehive Core Services Orabyte Access Control Service Audit Service Authentication Services Client Management Service Device Management Service Event Services Policy Service Presence Service Management Service User Directory Service Workflow Service
  • Slide 10 - Beehive Architecture OracleDatabase BeehiveServices Orabyte ExternalAnti-Virus ExternalEmail/Calendar ExternalEmail/Calendar ExternalLDAP Beectl>
  • Slide 11 - Beehive Workspaces Orabyte A virtual location and container that provides users a place and context for collaboration. In workspaces, users can manage e-mail messages, calendar, meetings, tasks, contacts, instant messages, and documents, and so on. Through workspaces, users can seamlessly collaborate, search efficiently and subscribe to content so that they receive notifications upon changes.
  • Slide 12 - Beehive Workspaces Orabyte Personal Workspaces A personal workspace is used by an individual user and that contains a mix of a user's private content and content from the team workspaces in which the user is a member. User can share content from their personal work space with other users/teams. Team WorkspacesIt is a workspace that is shared by a team or group, and that supports the content and seamless collaborative activities of its members.
  • Slide 13 - Beehive Security Concepts Orabyte Key Considerations Beehive as a complete system is secure and available. Protect the integrity of Oracle Beehive data. Effective implementation of user level data access. Users should be able to access only the data, workspaces, data to which they are authorized. Easy administration of the system. Effective implementation of security policies Tools to monitoring realtime information and recovery if required.
  • Slide 14 - Beehive Security Terms Orabyte Privileges Privileges are system-defined access rights to various functions within Oracle Beehive. Privileges grant end users access to services such as e-mail, instant messaging, and time management as well as grant administrators access to auditing, user administration, and role management functions. Roles Roles are sets of privileges that may be assigned to users and groups. Roles determine what privileges assignees may possess and content that users can or cannot access. Users and groups may also be associated with role definitions for specific scopes (assigned Roles), such as a workspace.
  • Slide 15 - Beehive Security Terms Orabyte Access Control Entries (ACEs) ACE is granular level access policy that applies to individual entity such as file, workspace, calendar. Each ACE contains Accessor: entities such as users or groupsAccess Type: read, write, discover, execute, delete Access Qualifier: Access is granted or denied. Collection of ACE is called Access Control List (ACL) Sensitivity It is a named ACL that users can define and apply to entities within a given workspace. Sensitivities are not attached to an object. Instead, a sensitivity is an ACL-template, which may be used again and again to assign the same ACL to many different objects.
  • Slide 16 - Other Beehive Features Orabyte Auditing Anti-virus Support External LDAP Support Mobile Device Security Beehive collaboration coexistence Integration with Oracle BPEL Process Manager Oracle Beehive Web Services Fax Service Voice Message Service Search Service
  • Slide 17 - Beehive Clients Orabyte XMPP Gaim/Pidgin, iChat, Oracle messenger, Trillian Pro WebDAV Microsoft Windows WebFolders and Internet Explorer CalDAV Apple iCal, Mozilla Lightning, Mozilla Thunderbird IMAP/SMTP Apple Mail, MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird. FTP/FTPS CuteFTP, WS_FTP, SmartFTP
  • Slide 18 - Outlook Integration (OBIO) Orabyte OBIO is a Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) service provider for Microsoft Outlook. Leverages existing investment in Outlook. It Extends the functionality of Outlook by providing Outlook users with unified access to Beehive based collaborative features. OBIO requires installation on the computers of individual users. After installation, OBIO automatically detects updates that are made available through the Device Management Service.
  • Slide 19 - OBIO Features Orabyte Individual Productivity Features Email Calendar/Scheduling Tasks Contacts Notes Address Book/Directory Team Productivity Features Beehive concepts mapping to Outlook Personal/Team workspace exposed as Outlook accounts Documents Access/Management/Sharing Notifications
  • Slide 20 - Oracle Beehive Orabyte Collaboration can be effective tool in business processes. If embedded properly it can increase producitivity by virtue of efficient communication, less processing time, optimal data storage and up-to-date information sharing. Oracle Beehive offers such efficient collaborative tool that offers unified collaborative model allowing users to work together and achieve the tasks effectively. The rich set of tools and effective information management provided by Beehive can help organizations become more effective.
  • Slide 21 - Oracle Beehive Orabyte Vivek.pavle@orabyte.com www.orabyte.com
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