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PowerPoint presentation on Opportunities in Pharmaceutical Sales Training, download now ppt of Opportunities in Pharmaceutical Sales Training

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Opportunities in Pharmaceutical Sales Training

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Opportunities in Pharmaceutical Sales Training PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : PowerPoint presentation on Opportunities in Pharmaceutical Sales Training, download now ppt of Oppor... Read More

Tags : Opportunities in Pharmaceutical Sales Training

Published on : Jan 08, 2015
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Slide 1 - Opportunities in Pharmaceutical Sales Training Lynne Lederman, PhD Freelance Medical Writer AMWA DVC 2009 Freelance Workshop © 2009 Lynne Lederman
Slide 2 - But it’s really… Education Medicine Science Pharmacology Clinical trials Treatment guidelines Competitive therapies Managed care
Slide 3 - The Customer Pharmaceutical Companies Often indirectly Project or account manager Trainers Medical, legal, and regulatory reviewers Agencies Directly Medical communication Medical education
Slide 4 - The Audience Pharmaceutical sales representatives District managers Account managers Regional business managers Medical science liaisons (MSL) Clinical nurse consultants (CNC) Medical directors Patients
Slide 5 - Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives “Detail” to Doctors, hospitals, formularies Free-standing blood banks, infusion centers Persuade clients to use their drugs Varied educational background May represent several unrelated therapies Won’t represent all of a company’s drugs
Slide 6 - MSL/CNC Advanced degrees RN, PhD May interact with MDs conducting trials for drug approval May interact with peers to promote approved drugs
Slide 7 - MDs Educate other MDs Background on rare conditions for which drugs are being developed Can provide copies of publications Off-label use (MDI department)
Slide 8 - Patients Rarely part of a formal sales training program Package insert instructions for patients Patient registries
Slide 9 - Roles Writers Editors Illustrators DTP Project managers SME Train the trainers/workshop leaders Others
Slide 10 - Writers Love explaining science and medicine Specific content knowledge or expertise Helpful qualities Respect for deadlines Knowledge of how drug development and sales work No fear of “selling” Knowledge of managed care
Slide 11 - Editors Instructional editing Instructional design “Adult learning styles” Copy editing Style guide Write Compile
Slide 12 - Illustrators and DTP Computer-based graphics Hand drawing now rare DTP Templates Layout and design Graphics
Slide 13 - Project Managers Interaction and coordination Client Writers Editors Illustrators DTP Production Scheduling References
Slide 14 - SME: Subject Matter Experts Not always used On client side Most often MD May be the medical reviewer On agency side Independent expert Could be a knowledgeable writer
Slide 15 - Trainers and Workshop Leaders “Train the trainer” Workshops
Slide 16 - Others Proposal developers Agency business account managers “Going over to the dark side”
Slide 17 - Types of Content Self-study modules (still usually print) On-line computer-based training (interactive e-learning—multimedia) Audio scripts Video scripts Workshops (in person) Physician monographs Non-specific support material Off-the-shelf products: monographs, games
Slide 18 - Subject Matter Whatever is in development and approaching approval Pharmaceuticals Trend for agents used in long-term therapy “Boomers” Diagnostics Kits, equipment, reagents Devices Heart valves, stents
Slide 19 - What the “Target” Expects Product knowledge Clinical data: efficacy, safety Reimbursement Formulary/compendium status Disease state Current therapies Competitive therapies
Slide 20 - Stages of a Project Proposal Content outline Expanded outline First draft Revised draft MLR review Final copy for approval Production
Slide 21 - Module Organization Self-study text Introduction/purpose Learning objectives Content Glossary References Structure Advanced organizer (introduce) Content (describe) Summary (restate)
Slide 22 - Types of Modules A&P (“normal”) Pathophysiology (disease state) Diagnosis Treatment Product (technology, annotated PI, clinical trials) Competitive therapies Selling (SWOT, benefit/risk) Managed care Once upon a time: new vs. experienced reps
Slide 23 - Module Content TOC/index Introduction Chapters Learning objectives, sections “Enhancers” Call-outs, boxes Summary Q&A (not always) Glossary References Appendices (sometimes)
Slide 24 - Learning Objectives L.O.s describe measurable performances that can be accomplished Important (need to know) Concrete (list, identify, define) Identifiable in text If they are well-written, they will help with questions as well as content Not always easy with complex topics
Slide 25 - Questions and Answers Types of questions Multiple choice T/F List Fill in blank Matching Usually one question per L.O. Specifically tests the L.O. Clear and fair Answers Clearly correct Worth remembering (need to know)
Slide 26 - Call-outs and Boxes Need to know Fast facts, pronunciation, lingo, selling tips To avoid insulting the audience Mixed audience They should already know this “Did you know” Nice to know Can’t resist Usually don’t test on these
Slide 27 - Background Resources Medical texts Community college texts Anatomy and physiology Nursing texts Patient advocate sites Peer-reviewed literature
Slide 28 - Product Resources PI Client company web site News releases Pipeline Competitors’ web sites Ask the client
Slide 29 - Keys to Success Write well Be knowledgeable or a quick study Know the industry and the FDA Specialize in a few areas Then build your expertise Stay up to date on advances in medicine, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, devices Keep up with technology Word, Templates, Acrobat, PPT, multimedia, file sharing sites
Slide 30 - Should you…. Take a writing test? Provide writing samples?
Slide 31 - Getting Started SPBT: Society of Pharmaceutical and Biotech Trainers Vendor directory