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Non Alcoholic Beverage Service PowerPoint Presentation

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On : Mar 14, 2014

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  • Slide 1 - Non Alcoholic Beverage Service SITHFAB010A Prepare and serve a range of hot non alcoholic beverages Prepare and serve a range of cold non alcoholic beverages Use , clean, maintain equipment and machinery for non alcoholic beverages in accordance with enterprise standards
  • Slide 2 - Brief History of Coffee The Arabs started to cultivate coffee plants in the 14th century. Coffee was OK, alcohol was banned. The Venetians first introduced coffee to Europe in 1615 and coffee houses were established all over Europe. In 1679, Marseilles wine merchants payed the Marseilles medical faculty to proclaim coffee a noxious drink to stop coffee affecting the wine trade.
  • Slide 3 - Brief History of Coffee Brazil started coffee planting in 1727. today almost half the worlds coffee is grown in Brazil. Britain’s early coffee houses were known as “penny universities”, a penny was payed for admission, you got a coffee and participated in stimulating discussions. The first coffee break on the moon took place at 7.27pm on 20 July 1969. Coffee has an annual turnover of close to $10 billion. 50 countries grow coffee.
  • Slide 4 - Coffee beans Coffea arabica – Most popular of the coffee species, grown in east Africa, South America and Indonesia. Coffea robusta – Discovered in 1870 in Congo. Mainly grown in Africa, good resistance to diseases. Used for instant coffee and blended with Arabica. Coffea liberica – a tough bean but lacks taste. Grown in Java, Philippines, Malaysia, Madagascar.
  • Slide 5 - Brief history of tea Tea is one of the best known and most widely used hot beverages. Tea was first cultivated in China as early as 350AD. There are tales of tea being used as far back as 200BC The monks of China love tea, because it keeps them awake when they meditate. the Dutch brought tea to Europe in the 17th century
  • Slide 6 - Brief history of tea Tea flourishes in subtropical lands Tea leaves have oils which give tea the flavour and taste Tea is a mild stimulant The tea plant is an evergreen and can yield tea for up to 50 years There are about 1500 slightly different teas Tea is blended to satisfy regional and country preferences
  • Slide 7 - Brief history of tea Black tea Leaves are plucked and partially dried Leaves are rolled to release the enzymes and juices Leaves are fermented by exposing them to air (27°C ) for about 3 hours Leaves are then dried in an oven at about 93°C this inactivates the enzymes and decreases leaf moisture
  • Slide 8 - Brief history of tea Green and Oolong tea Leaves are steamed to inactivate the enzymes Leaves are rolled to rapture the cell walls, this makes it easier for brewing The leaves are dried, Oolong tea receives less steaming and a partial fermentation step before being dried
  • Slide 9 - Non Alcoholic Beverage in the Market Coffee Tea Milkshakes Smoothies Spiders Fruit Juices Vegetable Juices Sodas, Crushes and Punches
  • Slide 10 - Coffee beverages Espresso Cappuccino Late Machiatto Long Black Flat White Vienna Coffee
  • Slide 11 - Tea beverages Black tea Green tea Fruit flavoured tea Iced tea Lemon grass tea
  • Slide 12 - Milkshakes and Smoothies Various flavours can be made Use ice cream Milk Flavouring Real fruit Gelato
  • Slide 13 - Fruit and Vegetable juices Various fruit and vegetable juices can be made using fresh fruit juice and vegetables. Also a huge variety is available in the market place already made.
  • Slide 14 - Spiders, Sodas, Crushes and Punches Spiders are drinks with ice cream and lemonade or soda water or other type of soda. Various flavours can be produced. Sodas are a mix of fruit and soda water or other flavoured soda. Punch is a combination of fruit , juice and soda .
  • Slide 15 - Equipment List Plunger Drip Filter System Percolator Coffee Grinder Blender Milkshake maker Various service equipment
  • Slide 16 - Activities Use machinery and equipment safely in accordance with manufacturers specification and hygiene/safety equipment Clean machinery and equipment regularly Identify problems promptly
  • Slide 17 - Steps in Service Prepare ingredients and equipment prior to service Identify the name and style of drink in response to a customer request Select and assemble the correct ingredients Prepare drinks in accordance to methods, standard recipes and customer requests Ensure correct strength, taste, temperature and appearance of drinks Present drinks attractively
  • Slide 18 - Fruit and Vegetable Juices Carrot Cocktail 10-12 carrots ,quartered lengthways 125ml pineapple juice 125ml orange juice 2 teaspoon honey Ice Push carrot pieces through juicer Combine carrot juice with the remaining ingredients and serve
  • Slide 19 - Fruit and Vegetable Juices Honeydew melon and passionfruit 750 g honeydew melon 6 passionfruit or tinned Ice Peel and seed the melon, cut to size for the juicer Halve the passionfruit and scoop out the pulp Feed the melon through the juicer and stir in the passionfruit Serve in glasses with ice
  • Slide 20 - Milkshakes and Smoothies Watermelon Smoothie 600g watermelon , skinned and seeded 250ml milk 125g yoghurt 1 tablespoon castor sugar 2 scoops vanilla ice cream 1. Blend all the ingredients until smooth
  • Slide 21 - Milkshakes and Smoothies Island Shake 400g fresh mango pulp 125ml fresh lime juice 125ml coconut milk 2 teaspoon honey 3 teaspoon finely chopped mint Ice 1. Blend all ingredients and serve.
  • Slide 22 - Sodas, Crushes and Punches Passionfruit lime crush 125 g passionfruit pulp 185 ml lime juice cordial 750ml ginger ale Ice crushed Combine passionfruit, cordial and ginger ale in a jug Pour into glassess filled with crushed ice
  • Slide 23 - Sodas, Crushes and Punches Orange ice cream soda 500ml freshly squeezed orange juice 250ml lemonade 3 scoops lemon sorbet 1. Combine the orange juice and lemonade in a jug. Pour into chilled glasses and top with the sorbet.
  • Slide 24 - Sodas, Crushes and Punches Pineapple and pawpaw punch 1 pineapple 600g pawpaw 250ml ginger ale Ice Peel the pineapple and pawpaw, cut into small pieces and blend with ice 2. Pour into glasses top with ginger ale
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